Logan Paul Is Making Headlines Again.

At this point Logan Paul is an almost household name, and not for any good reasons. Just a month or so ago Logan was making headlines for filming a dead body in Japans Okigohara forest, and then posting the video to YouTube. Now Logan is still showing he has no remorse for the dead, of any kind.

YouTube has been in pretty bad shape over the past year, and especially with all of the Logan Paul drama going around. After his last incident all the platform did was change their partnership program, and in the process gut their smaller channel market. Making sure that smaller channels could not post videos of the same nature, to keep the platform clean. Once again though Logan was able to get a video up of him tasing a dead rat’s body.

This time however the video was deleted rather quickly, but unfortunately for Logan the internet never forgets. Reports of the video made waves and finally YouTube answered back with what the should have a few months ago. YouTube reportedly has pulled ads from Logan Paul’s videos.

The thing about the situation is, is that Logan has not learned his lesson. It is very clear that he is doing this on purpose, and trying to get the most amazing shock factor to draw interest for his controversial content. Logan has made it clear he doesn’t care as long as he is still able to post he will, so will this set him straight or will he continue to post unethical content?

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