Welcome to Savingsville…

Population, you!! And myself and anyone who reads this and uses the information to its fullest potential.

This week to keep the gaming alive for you budget minded people I have some sweet games for you.

In the Microsoft marketplace they’ve been doing a big sale this week on Ubisoft Games. Which includes various titles from the developer such as Assassins Creed series, the Far Cry series, South Park, Steep, The Crew, For Honor, The Division and Ghost Recon amongst some of their more popular titles are up to 70% off.

Also on Xbox if Ubisoft doesn’t quite tickle your fancy there’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for $24.00 at 60% off.

Or if you like playing god there’s The Sims 4 at $29.99 marked down from $49.99.

Now onto PlayStation which is running the same deal with Ubisoft and all of their titles but only up to 60% off giving a slight edge to Microsoft this week but the free games for February on PlayStation this month aren’t too shabby.

The free games on PlayStation this month are RiME a single player puzzle game and Knack which is pretty unpopular but hey it’s free hahahahaha.

Then finishing off this week with the little Nintendo Switch, which once again has a bunch of games I’ve never heard of with the exception of Rocket League which is 25% off for $14.99 if you’re into such a game.

But I do think it’s awesome that the switch does have a deal section, feel free to cruise through it and tell me what games I should be checking out.

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