Road to Infinity War Review: The Avengers

It’s not everyday that a 4 year plan pays off. I remember the Avengers being the most hyped movie of 2012 even completely over shadowing The Dark Knight Rises. But now six years later how does the end of Phase 1 hold up? Incredible well!


Joss Weddon had the task of bringing together all the marvel characters up to that point and creating not only a good movie but a cinematic event that would pay off all the years of build up. The result is the best superhero movie of all time. Avengers allows all of its characters to shine and to grow throughout the movie. Every single performance is top notch. The actors are these characters and you believe every action they take and every choice that is made when their personalities clash. The action is simply everything you wanted to see and the last 30 minutes are just the best entertainment has to offer.


This movie was an underdog with plenty of things against it, yet at the end of the day any issues it might have pale to the complete superhero package it offers. It’s fun popcorn entertainment that gives fans what they wanted to see since the comics were first published. On repeat watchings certain points definitely drag more than others but there’s not a single scene that feels out of place.


The Avengers is simply the best movie it could have been. It closed out phase 1 and set the board for the next phase of marvel’s master plan by teasing Thanos! Iron Man launched the MCU and The Avengers stuck the landing!

“I have an army. We have a Hulk”

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