DEADPOOL 2 Official Trailer with Easter eggs 

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The new trailer for Deadpool 2 is freaking hilarious! With a nice nod to Disney’s Toy Story. As we are getting into the trailer we see that the visual effects weren’t done yet on Cable’s arm, Deadpool clearly points that out and takes matters into his own hands to show us his version of the trailer.

While he is showing us the trailer, he has this hilarious set up just like what Andy from Toy Story had in the beginning of the first movie! Even when he drops the two action figures down from playing with them, we see that he wrote on the bottom of the action figures boots “Wade” just like how Andy did with all of his own figures from the Toy Story movie.

This trailer was extremely funny, and a great way to have all of us Deadpool fans and people who don’t know who Deadpool is to want to go and see this movie! By the two teaser trailers we have got, I feel that this movie will be another great hit! But we will just have to see when it finally releases. 

Tell me what you guys think, and if you guys are excited to see this upcoming movie!

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