Winchester Movie Review

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I consider myself a pretty big fan of horror movies. I enjoy the making of process as well as the experience of being in a crowded theater and being spooked. That being said any angle you look at Winchester through gives you a pretty disappointing experience.


The movie follows Jason Clarke as he is hired by the Winchester company to provide a psychological analysis of Mary Winchester at her home. The real star of the film is the Mansion itself which from what the marketing campaign for this movie say was filmed on location. It’s an amazing piece of architecture and if this movie were a trailer for the guided tours you can take I would be satisfied. Unfortunately it’s a theatrical film trying to tell a story that is poorly constructed.


The movie is not scary in the slightest and relies way to often on false jump scares to get a reaction from the audience. The stars including Helen Mirren are phoning in the performances with a script that doesn’t give them much to do. Anytime there’s a conversation between characters it feels awkward and not in a good way, more of a this is our first run through of this scene way.


The movie tries to build to an exciting 3rd act but there are absolutely no stakes. You don’t care about any of the characters and the movie has exhausted your patience for jump scares by this point that they lose any reaction they might have had.

Winchester is as forgettable a film as they come. I don’t reccomend watching it in theaters and if you’re at all interested in the real story of the Winchester Mansion, there are plenty of great YouTube videos that will give you your fix.


Based on a true story? More like based on a Disney attraction.

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