Xbox Announces “Games Pass”, While Microsoft Rumors Swirl.

Microsoft had a great week last week, with their new announcement of “Games Pass”. Which is going to be a new monthly service where you pay $9.99 a month, and in return you get to play any first party Xbox game the service has. Not only does this include backwards compatible games, but also day one launches on new games. Some of the newest releases to the service will be Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2!


This new service is a way to get more sales going for Xbox and get new and old players back on the platform. After this generation has been owned by Sony, Microsoft is trying to get back on their feet and try to catch up. With the previous year being one in which the Playstation 4 was able to eclipse 70 million units sold, and the Nintendo Switch being the darling console of the end of the year Microsoft has been left behind. Though Xbox sales are never really announced rumors put it around just about half or a little more of Playstation’s sales.

Also it should be noted that Microsoft has announced this out of no where, leading some to believe that Microsoft is in desperation to get back into the console race. Along with this news Microsoft has been involved in some new rumors, that have them purchasing some high-profile companies.

Xbox in search of making their catalog bigger and better is in the midst of some deep rumors, which include purchasing EA, Valve and PUBG corp! All of these groups would be a huge move for Microsoft and Xbox, especially the recently notorious EA who also have a service very similar to the Xbox Games Pass. Again these are just rumors and have no concrete evidence behind them, but one can wonder what would happen if Microsoft can make a blockbuster deal for one of these groups.



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