OWL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 4!

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Week 3 of OWL has gone by, and has left us with some questions and answers. We saw the end of the undefeated this week, and probably some of the longest matches we have seen so far. Along with that we saw some teams manage to barely stay afloat. The question is what teams landed where on this weeks power rankings? Well let’s get into it!

12. Shanghai Dragons (+/-0)


Shanghai has just gotten themselves into something they just weren’t quite ready for. I will say I was very surprised to see them take a map from Seoul, and it was played very well and very sound by the Dragons. unfortunately again I have to continue on with their inexperience at this kind of stage, also it’s sad to say that Shanghai is the only winless team in the league.


11. Florida Mayhem (+/-0)


Along with the Dragons continuing to stay in their spot, the Mayhem manage to also follow. The Mayhem stay here at 11 from the same problems they have had all year. They just have not been able to compete throughout a whole match against teams, and its due to all sorts of problems. Roster size, shot calling, execution and other issues are glaring through the good that they have going for them.


10. San Francisco Shock (-1)


I’m very disappointed to say that the Shock have fallen lower than I would like them to be. I thought that the Shock could really continue to grow and even take on a struggling Dallas Fuel, and I was wrong. The Shock had 2 poor showings against the Fuel and Spitfire, and in both they just did not look good. They are not playing as a cohesive group, and that has to be the biggest problem for this squad. They need to get their rotation’s working together properly.


9. Los Angeles Gladiators (-1)


The Gladiators didn’t have a bad week, but the other teams that were around them had better ones. The battle for Los Angeles was a stellar series that showed how great these guys are, but the showing against Houston was very different. They just couldn’t get going and the strategies they tried to implement just got taking out quickly. The Gladiators are a good team that needs a bit of TLC to get it going on the right track, but they are on the right path.


8. Dallas Fuel (-2) 


The Fuel came into this season with dream and aspirations to take on the best teams in the league. So far they have been the biggest flop of the league, and it is a horrible thing to see. Dallas was able to take it to the Shock and get their first win of the season, but after that they  weren’t able to put it away against the Uprising. Dallas is just not playing great right now in every facet, and it could cause problems for them if they can’t get it together.


7. Boston Uprising (+3)


The team with the biggest rank up in the league has to go to the Uprising. After handing the London Spitfire their first loss of the season they then went on to a rejuvenated Dallas fuel, and gave them another one for the loss column.  I was wrong about Boston they are a good team, and they are playing good. They have sorted some of their roster out and are gelling right now. Not many teams would like to play against the Uprising right now.


6. Philadelphia Fusion (+1)


Much like the Uprising ,the Fusion were able to hand one of the unbeatable teams a loss. Matching up against Pine and the Excelsior the Fusion were able to go toe to toe against the NYXL, and beat them on map 5. After taking on NYXL they then went on to play a close one with the Shanghai Dragons eventually winning. The Fusion are doing great, and I am very happy to see it.


5. Los Angeles Valiant (-1)


The Valiant managed to go through week 3 great. Going 2-0 against Florida and their LA rivals the Gladiators. The Valiant are still running on all cylinders, and are dangerous to any team that runs across them. The only reason that the Valiant find themselves dropping a spot, is because how great this next team did.


4. Houston Outlaws (+1)


Houston had a stellar week not only going 2 and 0, but also being able to sweep both teams they played for the second week in a row. Florida didn’t stand a chance and Houston made the Gladiators look helpless. The Outlaws are currently on a huge upswing, and are definitely one of the most lethal groups if they can get going. Houston is ready to compete against anyone, but is this just because of strength of schedule or actual talent? We will find out!


3. London Spitfire (+/-0)


Making the Shock look silly was the highlight of the week for the Spitfire. Sadly their reign as one of the unbeatable teams in the league has ended. London dropped their first match against the Boston Uprising in an action packed match. They Keep their spot on pure talent, and it’s still looking good for London even after dropping one match.


2. Seoul Dynasty (-1)


Hell must have frozen over because the Dynasty have finally dropped a spot. Seoul was able to win their match against the Dragons, but a loss on Numbani was able to show that the Dynasty are human. The duel between them and NYXL however was probably on of the best matches we have seen this season. With the top 2 teams finally playing each other it was quite the show.


1. New York Excelsior (+1)


NYXL was able to split their matches 1 and 2, against Philadelphia and Seoul respectively. The match against the Fusion was another amazing match that further showed that the all Korean rosters are able to be beaten, dropping that game 3-2. Against Seoul they were able to right the ship, and dethrone the once thought to be unbeatable Seoul Dynasty. New York has shown their exceptional knowledge of the current meta, but once we are able to get to the next stage will they be able to continue on? Currently they look great, but I cant wait to find out.


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