Black Mirror- “Metalhead”

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3 people driving around a desolate area. (Feels like mad max-ish) they end up at a warehouse which seems like they are trying to scavenge for supplies. While in the warehouse they are suddenly startled by a weird machine that looks kind of like a beetle and a dog? Metal beetle dog.


The machine blows up pieces of metal and it kills one of the 3. There were 2 guys and a chick. Now only the chick and a guy. The metal droid beetle starts chasing them, then gets into a van with the guy and kills him. Then it begins chasing the woman in her car. Runs her off the road and she falls down and almost falls off a cliff. The machine thing then chases her as her car is tipping off the side of the cliff. Car rolls off the cliff and little bug droid falls with it. She runs. But not too far she has to dig out this piece of metal that fell into her from the warehouse. Which turns out to be a little microchip which is how the machine is following her. She throws the piece into the lake so it leads the little droid in another direction.

She runs to the top of a hill to try to get signal on her radio. To let her team (I’m assuming) know that they were surprised by the dog (that’s what they’re calling it). She says sorry and that the other 2 didn’t make it. The dog at this point has now tracked where she has been with her blood trail. She needs to find a safe place to hide. The dog is coming up pretty fast. She climbs a tree and the dog can’t climb it due to the fall and he has a nub leg now. So she falls asleep almost slips off the tree. Then she noticed the charge of the droid is starting to die. She continues to throw small candies at it so it’ll wake and look at her to use its energy. The battery dies so she runs to a house nearby. The droid charges by sunlight so it’s charged pretty fast by the morning when the sun comes out, and by the time she gets the keys into the house the droid is already on the move to find her. She gets inside of the house. Searched for car keys and finds shotgun shells and two deceased. They shot themselves. So she finds the car keys in the pocket of the dead man, and finds the shotgun. The dog gets inside the house she covers the thing in paint to “blind” it, and she tries to escape. Once she gets to the car she shoots the dog and thinks it’s dead. Well it pops out all the little scraps of metal like the other one did. She kills it. Goes back inside to extract the metal pieces out and realizes one is in her artery. She can’t take it out without dying. She realizes this is the end.


She gets on the radio again. To let them know she can’t come back, she’s sorry she couldn’t get the replacement for him (jack) she asks Ali to look after him. She says she loves graham and then she slits her throat. It pans out to a shot of a bunch of “dogs” running around scoping everywhere and then goes back to the warehouse where the box they were trying to grab is on the floor. It was a box of teddy bears.

I feel at odds with this episode. It could’ve had more detail. Why did this happen? Where is her group of people? Is it her son she’s trying to say goodbye to or her husband and her son? Just lots of little unanswered questions. It’s filmed in black and white so it has a very eerie feel to it. It’s got intensity to it, suspense, which I like it was just too short of an episode. Other episodes they have are an hour and a half at times. This was shorter and was about 45 minutes. At most. So this episode was enjoyable. Just wish it had more depth to it. The tech factor being the “dogs” aka the beetle cockroach thing made from metal was pretty cool. Super high tech but looked very dingy and old. But it had the ability to run fast, break into any technology(like the van it managed to drive and the house it broke into for the code), track blood and track the microchips as well. 6/10 for this odd beetle dog droid episode. Mainly for it’s weird element and post apocalyptic feel.

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