Black Mirror- “Hang the DJ”

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Man (frank) is talking to gps navigation? The coach directs him to a restaurant where he seems to be on a first date. It’s a system that tries to help you find the most compatible person for you to date/ be with. There is a time device that tells you how long you’ll be with someone. The first date starts off great. They hit it off. Go into a room but just hang out talk hold hands. Their timer said 12 hours.

They go their separate ways after 12 hours passes. Then they both ask the system why they didn’t have much time together and it says there’s a reason why. Then they get set up with two other people. Which their time for those other people are much longer. The guy gets set up with a chick for one year who seems to hate him from the start. The girl (Amy) gets set up with a hot player dude for 9 months. They both sleep with their new people and then they all attend a celebration ceremony of people who have found their perfect match.


They bump into each other and seem to have that great connection again but then have to go back to their new “partners” time continues on and they don’t seem fond of the partners they have still. The girls relationship ends before the guys. Amy is then set up again with another partner. This one is for 36 hours. Then another guy. Again for 36 hours. Then another guy for 36 hours. Then it goes back to the guys relationship —his new relationship ends in one year. The year passes and he is then set up for a new partner. Which turns out to be each other again. They decide not to look at the time clock and enjoy whatever happens. They hook up. And spend the next day talking shit about the “system”.


Saying maybe their in a simulation that kind of stuff. They seem to start falling for each other. The guy however really wants to know. So he finds out and it says 5 years. Then it goes down to 3 years. To a few months and then to a few weeks then to 20 hours. He tells Amy that he looked, she’s super upset. He wants Amy and wants to leave the property and the “system”. Their time ends again. She has another man and another, and another. Whoa and then even a chick haha. Ok the system has now chosen their soulmates or whatever their perfect match. Then they don’t care what it says they run off together but they freeze everything. They want to hop over the wall and leave this place together. Then the world deteriorates and it says 1000 times completed simulation. And then it goes into a punk rock bar and there they are . 99.8% match from the simulation. And they smile.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It has that dating website sort of match up feel. But then you kind of end up with a facility that helps you choose who is right for you which gives me a sort of rehab-ish kind of vibe. Without knowing that it’s a simulation, it gives you this hope that when you’re meant to be with someone it’s meant to be. True connections even after you meet so many people it’s there all along. The tech part of it was better then the last few episodes in being that it wasn’t the stereotypical put this to your temple gadget they’ve been doing the past several episodes. You held this circle shaped device that only gave you the details of your time with your partner and you had a coach that came along with it. Seems like a pretty possible situation that can happen in the not so distant future. We already meet people through our phones all the time so why not check into a facility and have someone coach you into who you’re suppose to be with? Sounds very possible. The only question I had was how did they choose to be in this simulation? It’s a small detail that can be overlooked though. 7/10 for this episode folks. I would watch it again!

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