Road to Infinity War Review: Thor

Thor brings the God of thunder to the big screen! Back in 2011 this looked like the craziest thing Marvel had ever done, creating a movie centered around a God who was also a super hero seemed crazy. Well Thor accomplishes a great many things, it makes the character relatable and breaks down his lore and powers so that your average movie audience can understand it. The problem is that the movie never surprises you.


Chris Hemsworth goes from relative unknown to super star over night with his portrayal of Thor along with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. They are both the best parts of the film giving their relationship depth and fully realizing their characters as well as their desires and weaknesses. The plot sees Thor banished from Asgard after his actions start a war. Once on Earth he loses all of his powers and must learn to be a better man if he ever hopes to regain his godly powers. The plot is extremely cliche and goes along exactly as you would expect. The side characters are all likeable enough but none of the ever stand out from the crowd. The movie also ties in a romance for Thor in order to speed up his character development and make him a better person. The highlight of the movie is the drama between the brothers and Odin as their complicated relationships are pulled straight out of Shakespeare.


The movie isn’t all drama though and when it’s time to throw down, Thor throws down. It’s just very hard to keep track of. Whether a stylistic choice or a mistake, Kenneth Branagh makes several shots extremely close up and with slanted angles that disorient the viewer. The action is also shot so close and with so many cuts that it feels like you’re missing out on the scope of the fight. The effects have also not held up in several key scenes including when Thor makes his triumphant return. In the end Thor serves its purpose as it eastablishes a very likeable hero and makes us want to see him in the Avengers. But as a stand alone film it’s very average.

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall posses the power of Thor.”

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