Black Mirror- “Crocodile”

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Opening scene: two people partying at a club. Then shows the couple driving long distance to wherever they may be going they get distracted and the guy(rob) hits someone on a bike on the side of the road. The girl (Mia) says let’s call the cops the guy panics and says no we have to get rid of the body we’re too drugged up and we’ll go to jail.

Fast forward to Mia older and different looking. She’s preparing a presentation. She leaves her husband and son at home to travel for this conference she has to attend.

Scene changes to an insurance lady visiting someone’s house to recall an accident.

Then once again back to Mia who is having her presentation then goes back to her hotel room and she’s met by rob. He comes to visit her they acknowledge it’s been several years. Rob denies a drink and then she asks why he’s here. He wants to discuss what happened so many years ago. He pulls out a news article and it’s about the man they killed. The wife of that man is waiting for him and it’s eating away at robs conscience. 15 years it’s been and he wants to come clean. Mia gets upset and says not to do this. She has a family. He tries to leave she gets angry gets him to the ground and chokes him out. And he dies. She then goes to the window and she witnesses an automatic Pizza truck run into a man. She notices another man peering out the window and she shuts her blinds.

Pans back to the insurance lady. She’s at home working on the computer her husband presents her with a gift. A guinea pig.

Back into the hotel room. Mia orders room service. Orders a porn on the tv. And then drags robs dead body onto the food cart. Takes him into her car and disposes his body at like a power plant of some sort. She checks out of the hotel and heads home. While driving she passes the insurance lady.



Now the insurance lady is looking around the area of the hotel and then drives to a mans house. He was the man hit by the Pizza truck. She heads inside and states she’s from the insurance agency there to help him with his case. She wants to get memories from the scene and she has him place little dots on his temples and smell a beer that should remind him of the scene of the accident since there’s a pub there. She has a device that allows her to see what his memory is seeing. He begins to recall details that happened a woman walking and how he was hit by the truck. The insurance lady then focuses on the woman with the yellow coat he saw to hopefully get more recollection of the accident.

Back to Mia and family. She’s acting different the husband notices and asks if she’s ok. The husband says he’s gotta go but don’t forget about their kids play that night. Mia begins to drink.

Back to insurance lady she finds yellow coat lady and drives to her and asks her to remember the accident she witnessed. She recalls the accident and notices a reflection of a camera flash. That’s the next person to find as a witness.

Back to Mia who goes into cleaning mode and starts scrubbing down her car which has blood and other DNA on it.


Back to insurance lady who finds the man who took a picture that night. He is a dentist who is slightly embarrassed to recall the memory that night. Once she puts the machine on it shows he was taking a picture of a man in another window. This is when the insurance lady notices another lady in a window looking at the scene. Which is Mia. The insurance lady (shazia) then heads to the hotel and asks who was in that hotel room that night. He can’t give out that information but tells her that she was watching an interesting movie (the porn) she goes home and onto the computer and enhances the memory and finds her. She then tells her husband if she talks to her now she’ll get a better bonus and she lives very far. She drives out to Mias. And then shit gets real. Mia doesn’t want to use the machine for obvious reasons when she’s approached by the insurance lady. She doesn’t want her to see what actually happened that night. She tries to change her mindset and says all she did was watch porn and saw the accident and that was it. But it doesn’t work out that way. Once she has her put the dots on she can’t stop mixing the memories of What actually happened and what she wants her to think happened. Shazia tries to leave and she’s terrified. Her car won’t start and Mia attacks her. She ties her up and asks if anyone knows that she (shazia) came out there. She says no but Mia places the dots on her. And she sees that she told her husband. Mia then kills her and heads off to kill her husband. When she gets there and kills the husband she hears another noise. It’s the baby. And she also kills the baby. She leaves and heads to her kids play.

The cops head to the murder scene. The cops can’t understand why someone would kill a blind child. They then put the memory dots on the guinea pig which leads them back to Mia.

The end.

So this episode is pretty fucked up. Lots of stuff going on too with this one. Another episode of putting the device on the temple and getting memory recollection. The main part I liked is that it has that connection of how everyone is intertwined with everybody. 7 degrees of separation. You may have crossed paths with someone who will be a part of your life later but you may not know it or realize it. The main fucked up part though is how she kills the child realizing they would be able to see her memories of what happened. Too bad she didn’t realize the kid was blind and didn’t see anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️ she should’ve killed the damn guinea pig. What bothers me is Mia, the chick killing all the people, is like maybe 100 pounds. She’s very tiny and petite but yet she held down a dude twice her size?? That was a little unrealistic. But overall this was a good one too. I still can’t get over that she killed the kid, the kid was maybe one years old. Disturbing and a little much. But that’s what black mirror does. Makes you feel all sorts of messed up. 6/10 for this one 👌

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