OWL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 3!

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OWL has been running for 2 strong weeks now, and it’s not slowing down. Watching these guys is still so fun, watching these teams develop real teamwork and strategy. Some teams have developed some more than others, and some still seem to just been turning on the engine. So let’s get in to where the teams rank!

12. Shanghai Dragons (+/- 0)



The Dragons are 1 of only 2 teams that have not been able to find a win. As stated last week the inexperience in this team has against global talent is definitely their biggest hurdle. Shanghai was able to get swept twice this week which is so hard to watch, but at some point you have to win. The Dragons need to get it together.

11. Florida Mayhem (+/-0)


Now Florida is still in a hard spot the did get a win, but that was against the beat up Dragons. Florida is struggling with their small roster, having no flex players against the bigger teams is tough. They are trying to keep their moral up from what it looks like, but things will get better if they can acquire some more people to play.

10. Boston Uprising (-1) 


The Uprising are a team that can make you love them and hate them in one week. Losing both of their week 2 games this week was a tough pill to swallow. Especially when one match went all the way to the tie breaker round. Boston is a good team that plays bad at times, and it cost them this week.

9. San Francisco Shock (+1)


SF made a push in their against Philly pushing them to a draw in the end to finish with a score of 2-1.  Then against Boston they went all the way to a tie breaker round, and showing that they wont lose easy and brought out all the stops. SF seems to be getting the team together, but shot calling could still use a bit of tightening up. Other than that the Shock could start to get things together.

8. Los Angeles Gladiators (-1)


They put in work against the Fusion, but unfortunately NYXL was ready for everything they threw at them. The Gladiators played tough and tried their hardest, but just couldn’t put together what they had planned against NY. Going into next week they need to be prepared in week 1 against Seoul they looked much better than this week. They have not hit their ceiling yet, and need to try to get back to their week 1 style of play.

7. Philadelphia Fusion (-1) 


The Fusion lose their spot more because of what the next team did, more than what the Fusion didn’t. Philly is a pleasant surprise still even after week 1 I still don’t know what to expect. They are a team that works very well together, and seem to bring some odd comps that other teams aren’t quite ready for. Going into the next weeks I’m looking forward to what they can do.

6. Dallas Fuel. (-1)


I do not understand what has happened to the Fuel! The preseason made them look so promising, but these first 2 weeks have been a very different story. Dallas has had a tough schedule with games against Seoul, LA Valiant, HS Outlaws and The Spitfire, the thing is before the season started they would have been favorites in half of those games. Dallas needs to figure it out and fast, this free fall that they are in is not a good one at all.

5. Houston Outlaws (+3)


2 sweeps in week 2 that’s great the only problem with them is they were against teams that are struggling very heavily. The Outlaws must have felt very over looked in week one, because this week was the Houston show. Playing strong in every way against both Shanghai and the Dallas Fuel. Houston is growing and fast they need to be looked at as a threat by some of the top teams.

4. Los Angeles Valiant (+/-0)


LA just looks so strong even if they had a tough loss against NY and London. The thing is you can see how well they are, but that their opposition was just ready for them. The Valiant are very strong and can not be looked down on. They had an off week and will get better from it, playing some of the strongest teams in the league is going to help them out in the long run.

3. London Spitfire (-1)


The top three get shaken up a little bit this week with London sliding down a spot. The Spitfire are amazing to watch and play wacky sometimes, but the problem for them is that sometimes they get a little too wacky. Playing sort of sloppy at times when the game could be won easily by them. Spitfire tighten up!

2. New York Excelsior (+1)


Last week we all found out about the brilliance of Pine, and it didn’t stop there. NYXL is on a roll, and it’s been great. The level they are playing at is awesome for the league and it added a team to worry about in the top half of the league. Demolishing LA as a whole last this past week was insanity, and shows how much of a real deal these guys are.

1. Seoul Dynasty


As if it would be anyone else. Seoul is just demolishing everyone in their path, but one thing to notice is they teams they have played so far have been noticeably weaker than them. With the recent decline of the Fuel every team they have played has had a .500 or lower record, and I personally cant wait to see this team play the likes of London and New York. Until then I have no reason to have them lower that the number 1 spot!

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