Road to Infinity War Review: Iron Man 2

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Iron Man 2 was one of the most hyped sequels I can remember being alive for. They teased the Avengers at the end of the first and all the trailers and marketing looked incredible. The final product is a bloated mess that plays better as a montage or stepping stone in the MCU than a stand alone movie.


We meet Tony Stark played perfectly once again by Robert Downey Jr, except this time there’s something different. The movie quickly shows us that Tony is dying due to poisoning from the metal in his chest. The next 2 hours that follow essentially amount to a pity party for him. He does what he wants and says what he wants which results in a very unlikeable protagonist when everything he does makes him come across as a jackass.


This movie also doubles down on the MCU with not just references but integral characters and plot devices beginning to serve the larger story. The problem is that the main story presented feels like a retread of the character growth we saw from Tony last time. Alongside Tony we have a host of characters from the new war machine played by Don cheadle, the intro to black widow played by Scarlett Johansson, and 2 new bad guys played by Mickey Roarke and Sam Rockwell. The film has a lot that it wants to do and explore but it’s not edited in a cohesive way. It also starts the Marvel trope of injecting humor into moments where it doesn’t belong as well as jokes that just don’t land.


I don’t hate Iron Man 2 but both in the rewatch as well as part of the larger MCU it’s forgettable. You can enjoy it fine and it has enough entertaining moments to be worth a watch but i don’t plan on watching it again anytime soon.

“If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in him”

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