Anticipation 2018: Detroit: Become Human

Hey peoples! I am back with another edition of my continuous showcase of what I cannot wait to play, ANTICIPATION: 2018! This game was going to be next, but the announcement of Mario Tennis Aces got me HYPE, luckily enough saving what you’ve already written is a thing. THANKS, OBAMA! Let’s go with Motorcity: A Skynet story.

Detroit: Become Human

Release date: Out now!

Systems: PS4

Quantic Dream is at it again with another interactive, action/adventure, film noir style video game in ‘Detroit: Become Human’. A PS4 exclusive title first announced in October 2015 at Paris Games Week, later showing gameplay trailers at E3 2016 for the first time, with other trailers for characters releasing later.



As the title suggests, the game is set in a futuristic Detroit, where androids are common, purchasable servants to humans, who are identifiable by the blue triangle patches and blue neon circles on the side of their heads. Androids, at the time the game starts, seem to fight against their programming and gaining the ability to control their own actions in a world already filled with automatonophobia. What could possibly go wrong, right?


You are in control of three specific androids; Kara, who gains sentience after escaping from the factory where she was made, played by actress Valorie Curry (The Following & Veronica Mars). Markus, played by Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams, an android with a mission of freeing other androids from their programmed bondage. Lastly is Connor, a police android whose job is to hunt down liberated androids, is being played by Bryan Dechart.



Just like Quantic Dreams past blockbuster titles Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, you are in a choose-your-own-adventure story where you are given multiple choices with varying consequences and outcomes, including character death. There will be no ‘GAME OVER” message when/if a character dies, the story will continue on without them. Unlike other branching story games, we will be able to rewind certain point in our story to redo actions kind of like holding your finger on the page you turned from only to turn go back to choose the other option, in case of regret. A key feature in the story will be augmented vision, which allows players to find clues and information. How much information you uncover, or how much of your characters surroundings you unveil could open up more options to choose from in later choice events.

I cannot suggest enough that you watch the trailers for this game. Quantic Dream does a great job showcasing personality for each character & the type of situations each character will find themselves in, along with a glimpse of the choice options & augmented vision scanning that can be done. Connor deals with a hostage situation, Markus leads his revolution, & Kara is thrust into a domestic violence problem. (Click on the description to see each trailer!)

Android Showcase

I find the trailers to be amazing & hope that the game is properly represented by these. I would be lying if I told you I did not show this trailer to people anytime I could when talking with customers while I was employed with Gamestop. The trailers were literally saved on the tablet we had in the store and were always ready to be shown. I just hope that I won’t run around a crowded place screaming the name of the person I am looking for. JASON! JASON? JASON!!! TTFN!


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