Den of Thieves Movie Review

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Den of Thieves comes to us from a first time director and it definitely shows. Somewhere in this long movie is a good perhaps even great heist movie. But the final product I watched is long, boring, and lacks focus.


Starring Gerard Butler as a stereotypical tough cop who doesn’t play by the rules, Den of Thieves tells the story of criminals attempting to rob the federal reserve building. There’s shootouts, tension, and little to no reason to care. The movie presents events but it never tells you or shows you why these characters are doing the things they are doing. The screenplay is very aware that it’s a movie as it’s premise becomes completely implausible and big twists are revealed just to pull tricks on the audience.


Mild spoiler ahead



The ending of this movie attempts to make a major character reveal kind of like the unusual suspects but not as well done. It makes you realize that while Gerard Butler gets top billing this movie doesn’t really have a protagonist to follow during all the action. It could have been a fun idea to explore as both sides could have had people we care about. But the movie waste that chance and doesn’t let the major characters have any rivalry besides a surface level desire to one up each other. Den of Thieves just fails to find an audience it’s not smart enough to be a heist thriller and not entertaining enough to be a satisfying action movie.

“Do we look like the type who will arrest you?”

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