What is Nintendo’s Plan with LABO?

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It seems Nintendo keeps coming out with the strangest and most awkward products, Until you REALLY look at it and realize how ingenious their approach is. Ever since products like the Wii or WiiU were announce, everyone was a critic, and then everyone wound up buying one!

With their latest announcement of the “Nintendo LABO” it seems like the same thing is happening, it is being met with a bit of piqued interested, harsh criticism and of course, memes, lots of memes.


Before the announcement, Nintendo specifically stated the product was to be marketed mainly to children, which makes sense. The kit is essentially a cardboard builder kit similar to those found at any toy retailer, consisting of sheets of perforated cardboard and the software needed to interact using your switch.


The thing is, kids don’t see it that way, kids see a robot, a piano, that telescope they have been wanting. Something that they can build themselves and then guess what? They can use that robot they just built and play it on their switch. As a parent this is an incredible opportunity to better interact and bond with my kids. Spend time being creative and building something cool yet functional.

Whether this is a novelty product or something that they will back long term, you must admit that Nintendo is always making waves and is always being talked about. What other company out there has the world excited about buying cardboard? What are your thoughts on this and will you be picking up a kit?

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