12 Strong Movie Review

12 Strong hits theaters this weekend during the slow month of January with a bang! The producer of Black Hawk Down brings us yet another explosive military action movie, this time detailing the exploits of 12 Americans known as the horse soldiers.


The film takes place immediately after the 9/11 attacks and focuses of a team lead by Chris Hemsworth. All the actors do phenomenal jobs at grounding the story and making their characters likeable and relatable. The plot is very simple with no twists or turns but the story is here to service the characters and not an overall plot. You are taken on this journey with these heroes and see the odds they were up against first hand. The movie also sprinkles enough humor to keep the story entertaining but the humor never feels out of place.


The biggest praise I can give this movie is that walking out I felt like I got a taste of the bond that forms between soldiers during war. These brave men came together for a mission and had each other’s backs every step of the way. The few nitpicks I have is that when the action does start it’s filmed in a very bland style and can get repetitive over the movie’s 2 hour run time. The other being that not all 12 characters are created equal with some being reduced to just faces on the screen with no personalities attached to them.


Ultimately I walked out of 12 Strong happy to have been able to see this story and with a new sense of appreciation for our brave men and women in the armed forces. I might even add to the book the film is based on to my reading list in the future.

“The most important thing a man can take into combat is a reason why”

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