OWL Power Rankings After Week 1.

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Week 1 of OWL was phenomenal! With some of the best Overwatch play seen around the world, with all 12 teams showing off everything they could bring to the table. Some teams rose to even higher grounds, while others seemed a little unprepared. Let’s get into where these teams sit after week 1!

12. Shanghai Dragons (-1)


What was thought to be Shanghai’s biggest problem was proven in week 1. With a team built from the top chinese talent they looked amazing on paper. The problem is that the talent from china has not been able to play against much of the talent from anywhere else on the planet. The lack of experience is going to really give them a hard time. Shanghai ended week 1 without a win being dismantled by the Los Angeles Gladiators, and being beaten by the San Francisco Shock 3-1. The Dragons need to work hard to begin to be competitive in a league that features top talent from around the globe.

11. Florida Mayhem.  (-1)


The team with the smallest roster out of the league had a tough time. Florida’s small roster really puts them in a tough spot, with each player basically needed to be able to be a switch player, while also being able to fulfill their designated roster spot. The Mayhem were able to hang tough with both London and Boston, but only able to come out with one map win in 1 of those 2 games. Florida needs to really look into players they can pick up when the time comes.

10. San Francisco Shock (-3)


Starting off the entire season was The Shock vs The Valiant, unfortunately for the Shock they were also the first to be swept. Shock seems to live and die by DPS star Babybay as seen in their first game against the Valiant. Almost pocketing babybay to keep him alive and so he could spray the enemy team down with his Mccree play, but as soon as LA figured out this plan they quickly put an end to it which ended up in a 4-0 loss for SF. I do hope to see the Shock grow into a competitor later into the season.

9. Boston Uprising (-0)


The Uprising didn’t do anything special. They had a poor showing against New York, but that could be just Pine and his savage Mccree play that no one was really expecting. Boston was able to however destroy Florida Mayhem in a very one-sided 4-0 win. The uprising excelled in team work and shot calling in that match, but that is the problem. They seemed like 2 totally different teams and not knowing which will show up on a weekly basis is scary.

8. Houston Outlaws (- 3)


At some point you have to win a game, but the Outlaws have not been able to do that. Again I will say that Houston has had a bit of bad luck with the preseason featuring them against 2 of the top teams, and the regular season featured another great team and one that no one has seen play. Their game against the Philly Fusion was tough loss they took it all the way to the tie breaker round, but just couldn’t put the Fusion away. The game match against the NYXL was disappointing, and it seemed like some of they players may have began to tilt. It’s a long season and the Outlaws should figure this stuff out.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators. (+ 1) 


The Gladiators game against the Dragons was great and showcased how strong this team can be, but unfortunately they went up against the buzzsaw known as the Dynasty. LA has a lot going for them, and the fact that there is still time to gel together and learn strategies there is a lot of hope for these guys. Against Seoul the score doesn’t show how good LA did. This team got to play South Korea early now they need to learn from their big loss.

6. Philadelphia Fusion. (+6)


I said last week that I didn’t know what to expect from the Fusion, and it sure wasn’t this. Against Houston they looked awesome, the shot calling was great knowing their targets was great. The flaws they had come against London, and that may be more of a compliment to London. Sure Philadelphia’s first win came against a team that had not seen any previous tape on them, and I may be jumping the gun putting them so high, but I think that they deserve it.

5. Dallas Fuel. (-2)


What in the world is going on with the Dallas Fuel? Coming into the season we all expected this team to be challenging for a championship, and now their sitting here at 0-2. The season is very young and the Fuel are going to right this ship, if you are a Fuel fans don’t be too discouraged. The most surprising was that the Valiant were able to put Dallas on their back foot, and never let them get going again. We know Dallas is good we know they can win, but learning what players to put where is going to take time, and that is why you’re seeing so many hiccups.

4. Los Angeles Valiant (+2)


Speaking of the Valiant they end up 2 spots higher because of their play against Dallas. Stay solid, shot calling, ult usage and just about everything else the Valiant wanted to make a point and did. Day 1’s match they were able to sweep the SF Shock in a match that seemed to tilt their northern California rivals. The Valiant seem to be firing on all cylinders right now, after beating one of the best teams in the league in decisive fashion you have to be considered for a top spot yourself.

3. New York Excelsior. (+2)


“The Pine Show” That should be the title of every match they play at this point. The fan favorite was a force to be reckoned with in each game. He did not disappoint at all with some of the most savage Mccree play I have ever witnessed. New York as a team did great though. While still somewhat struggling on certain maps they were able to learn and dissect what the enemy was doing. So probably the best thing about NYXL is that they are learning, and can still get better.

2. London Spitfire. (+/- 0)


So London retains their spot at number two, because they did manage to do great in both of their games. The problem here is that they had the easy route in the Shanghai Dragons, and Philadelphia Fusion. Now not to discredit London they are amazing, steam rolling a team at this level is impressive. I am however looking forward to this team playing The Dynasty at some point in a game that may have a ton of head games included.

1. Seoul Dynasty. (+/-0)


The Dynasty have dropped 1 map that’s all. Taking care of  Dallas in a very exciting match, and the Gladiators in a 4-0 sweep. The Dynasty are not perfect they do have flaws, but the way that they play around those flaws and mask them is what makes them so good. Seoul is going to be a very tough team for anyone else to beat. They have such amazing core players, and it shows when they get into the long overtime maps where the more experienced players shine.




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