Anticipation 2018: Mario Tennis Aces

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Hey, Y’all! I am back for another installment of Anticipation 2018. I decided to switch things around for this edition due to Nintendo dropping their Direct Mini earlier this week and, of course, announced a couple of great things. This particular one is near and dear to my heart, so here we go with Mario Tennis Aces. WAH!

Mario Tennis Aces

Release date: Spring 2018

Systems: Switch

Mario Tennis


Mario Tennis was another fantastic Mario spinoff game that made its debut on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. The game introduced the world to my favorite Mario franchise character Waluigi, Luigi’s rival, and Wario’s partner, as well as reintroducing Princess Daisy and Birdo. Also like the other spinoff titles (Mario Party, Mario Golf, & Paper Mario), Mario Tennis would have sequels released for nearly every console that Nintendo put out, and in a couple of months, we will get the latest installment for the Switch.

Waluigi MTA


If you are unfamiliar with Mario Tennis, don’t worry because all you need to do to understand it is look at every other Mario spinoff game. You take a theme/sport/genre, add Mario characters/places/items, & then you amp it up to 11! It may sound basic, but it’s a formula that a very successful & profitable track record (looking at you Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros.).

Wario MTA



Gameplay is pretty standard for tennis with all the different ways you can hit the ball like the lob, drop, slice, topspin & flat. Power shots are the Nintendo spin on tennis, being the powerup special strike on the ball for either an offensive smash or a defensive save to the match. Players usually can activate these unique shots that go along with the qualities of the character every so often by filling a meter with regular shots, saves, & serves.

Mario MTA

You have singles & doubles matches, can adjust the sets to best out of 1, 3, or 5, & with standard courts like clay, grass, & hard. Games in the past have included Special games that bring you that Mario twist with a unique challenge. Aces is going to give players a story mode, not seen since Mario Tennis: Power Tour released in 2005, and boss battles said to be similar to RPGs.

Petey MTA

The information we saw in the Direct mini did not mention how many characters will be playable, but one can assume many of our favorites will be brought back. Also not mentioned was if there will be online multiplayer capabilities, as it would be fun to team up with a friend to take on other players, all from different systems like what Mario Kart has succeeded at doing. Of course, the announcement advises us to ‘Stay tuned’!

Luigi MTA

Mario Tennis was my introduction to tennis in general, as I became a true fan of the sport watching tournaments religiously since then. The N64 title quickly became one of the few games I knew I was good at, leading to tournaments in my basement to see if any friend or sibling could take me down! I also cannot explain the connection I have with Waluigi, but his “WAH”nderful ways have lured me to using him EXCLUSIVELY in any and all titles he is playable in.

Waluigi MK9

*PUN ALERT* This spring, Nintendo ‘SERVES’ up another ‘SMASH’ Mario Spinoff that you will ‘LOVE’ in Mario Aces. Hopefully, the release date is ‘SET” for April or May ‘TENNISH’. Don’t make a ‘RACQUET’ if it’s not sooner. I am out! DEUCE! TTFN!

Waluigi WAH

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