Proud Mary Movie Review

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Proud Mary is a good idea in concept. Take a popular actress like Taraji P. Henson and make her into a badass action hero. On top of that give it the style and flair of a 70s action movie. All good ideas that I wish I could have seen become a reality because Proud Mary is a mess.


The movie opens strongly with stylized credits and a montage of Mary getting ready. But almost immediately the movie’s pacing takes a dive into a slow boring crime drama with no real character or point to it all. The movie centers around a relationship that you are supposed to be invested in, but the movie never lets these characters have any real moments or reasons as to why they should be together.


The movie also builds to moments that never pay off. Both in an action sense and a dramatic sense this movie just doesn’t have a point. Then you realize it feels like the director really just wanted to make the trailer for this movie and not the movie itself. Taraji P. Henson is fine as an action star but this is not her forte and I would not be surprised if she never makes another action movie again. In the end, this movie is boring and forgettable which is awful considering the talent involved on screen.

Mary doesn’t have much to be proud of.

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