Day 2 of Overwatch League Was Just as Great as Day 1!

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Yesterday was day 2 of Overwatch League and it brought some memorable moments just like day 1. The inaugural season has started off very strong and seems to keep the promise of all kinds of action. Day 2 featured 2 teams with very big question marks, and teams that look to also challenge for the title at the end of the season. The first match featured to of the teams with the biggest questions.

Florida Mayhem vs. London Spitfire.

2 teams with very different rosters! Florida Mayhem that is the only team in the league with only 6 players, while London is carrying a full 12 man team. One of the biggest question marks on the season was and still is how are London going to be using all 12 players. Well in this matchup London only used their 6 core players and used no swaps. While the Mayhem with only 6 players rely very much on their core players being able to swap, and play solid since they have no backups.

While Florida was able to take an insane win on the Spitfire on the first map, they were not able to do it the rest of the match up. That said it does not tell the whole story, Florida was able to be in every single game till the last second. Getting every map to go to overtime they kept London on their toes. The only thing is they could not get the final pushes they need. London was able to stay disciplined and play flawless in crunch time. (3-1 London Spitfire)


Philadelphia Fusion vs. Houston Outlaws.

The biggest question mark in the whole league was the Philadelphia Fusion, they were not able to play in the preseason so know what knew what to expect. What a first game for the Fusion. They were able to be everything their fans could expect and more. Taking a tough team like the Houston Outlaws all the way to a tie breaker round, and winning! They played great and so did Houston, but unfortunately they are the first team to fall to Philadelphia. Houston has now lost every game they have played, but if you’re a Houston fan don’t be too down they played 2 of the best teams in the league, and one they could not game plan for. (3-2 Philadelphia Fusion)


(Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior)

This game will be remembered for a while as the emergence of Pine. Arguably the best single player showing so far out of OWL. We all knew about Saebyeolbe and his amazing DPS play, but Pine played insane on the Mccree and has to be recognized as one of the best DPS players out there after week 1. New York was able to even shut out Boston on a portion of the 2nd map thanks to the sweet Mccree play. Boston was able to get the first map but that was about it. NYXL was able to just man handle most of what Boston threw at them and look to be in the top teams after week 1. ( 3-1 New York Excelsior)

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