The Commuter Movie Review

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The Commuter is the next movie in a long line of Liam Neeson action movies. Honestly I had zero expectations for this movie. I thought the title was dumb and I thought it would be the same old Liam Neeson action routine. Yet I walked out of the commuter pleasantly surprised. As far as dumb action movies go,  this one turned out to be very entertaining.


The movie revolves around Liam Neeson who plays a Liam Nessonish character who was an excop and has recently been fired from his job as an insurance salesman. While on the train that he uses to take to work everyday he is approached by a woman who makes him an offer. Money for finding a person on the train. And thus we have a movie. A really fun dumb movie. I’m not gonna pretend this is amazing acting,directing, or even action but the way it’s all crafted together makes for a fun movie that keeps you interested till the end. Some surprises catch you off guard but most are extremely obvious and you can predict them before the characters do.


That being said The commuter is what I would consider a guilty pleasure popcorn movie. It’s the kind of movie that doesn’t make sense if you think about it too hard but it wraps up nicely enough that you can have fun and not think about it after you leave. What can I say, I have a soft spot for Liam Neeson doing his thing.

A fun destructive train ride

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