Day 1 of “OWL” Showcases The Lowest Lows and Highest Highs.

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The first day of Overwatch League was yesterday, and it almost did not live up to the hype. After the San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons were swept by the LA Valiant and LA Gladiators respectively, The match between the Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty was memorable. Also to add if Overwatch League does become bigger than it is look out for Dallas and Seoul, because this looks like the start of a wonderful rivalry.

The first ever OWL match was a contest between north California and south with the San Francisco Shock taking on the Los Angeles Valiant. The Shock came out the gates swinging and took quick control on the first map. With strong play from their star DPS player “babybay”. Almost pocketing him to make sure he had the sustain for a full team fight, but that is about where the praise is going to end. This who match was a tale of two teams, one that looked ready to play and one that was stuck in the preseason.

The LA Valiant  had such a strong showing especially for their twin DPS threat of “Soon” and “Agilities”. Both players decimated the back line of the Shock especially soon with some absolute savagery on the Widowmaker. One person in particular that Soon got to know very well was San Francisco’s “Sleepy”. Sleepy had a tough day he was caught a little to aggressive on the Zenyatta, and was very sloppy with his ultimate usage. Which needs to be the main concern, yes other players need to get it together but with no sustain you wont get far. (Match Score 4-0 Valiant)

Game 2 had the other LA team the Gladiators vs the Shanghai Dragons, seemed to be a lot of LA and not enough Shanghai. LA remarkably took map 1 within minutes, but it didn’t end there. All game LA put an insane amount of pressure on the Dragons though they seemed much more discipline than SF in situations they looked like they couldn’t capitalize on situations given to them. We saw the Dragons tossing ults at LA and not be able to take point 2 on Anubis when they had a clear advantage. Shanghai just like SF needs to tighten up and get ready for more competition, get your role picks right and most importantly just capitalize.

LA harassed, barraged and dived Shanghai all day long! Memorable push was to get the first point on Anubis getting a solid team-kill on them to easily get point. The Gladiators really showed off how much they have as a team, in every position they had a great play. Shaz was amazing on Zenyatta who usually is a very dive-able and vulnerable, but Shaz was able to hold his own and play almost more aggressive then any Zenyatta I watched day 1. LA definitely showed they are no push over and should be taken serious.  (Match Score 4-0 Gladiators)

Now this is what I was expecting when it came to-day 1. I was hoping all of the game could have been more like this, but at the same time this are 2 of the top 3 teams in the league.  Fuel and Dynasty battled it out on every map and really showcased what these 2 teams can do. Dallas was of course the underdog going into this match and you could see that a lot of blizzard arena wanted to see the underdogs win. The chant “Let’s go Fuel!” filling the air on map 1 fans of all teams wanted to see the World Cup champs go down.

Map 1 was a ton of Dallas really showing off the Orisa, Roadhog combo that really put the pressure on Korea, who just couldn’t finish Junkertown which led to a big win for Dallas. Unfortunately it was the only map that Dallas would win, every map after that was hard-fought (especially map 2) , and even went into OT. Seoul was just able to dig a little bit deeper when the game was on the line. These 2 teams are going to be pushing for title shots, and I know the season just started but I cannot see the playoffs being without both these teams! (Match Score 3-1 Dynasty)

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