Far Cry 5 Has A Lot of Pre-Order Bonuses!

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Far Cry 5 may be one of the most anticipated games of 2018, and they know it. FC5 is coming out the gate with a ton of pre-order bonuses. Ranging from prices $60 all the way up to a phenomenal $200! Let’s take a quick look at all of your different choices.

Base Game Pre-Order.


The regular pre-order that you can find at almost any store will basically just be skin based. Giving you some “Doomsday Prepper” gear. Skins for you guns and vehicles, and that’s about all you get.  This will run you the base game price of $60

Deluxe Edition.


The deluxe edition come in at ten more dollars, and give you a fair bit more than the base game. Giving you 2 more skins “Ace Pilot” and “Big Game Hunter” both of this look great, but that is not the big deal here. As you can see in the picture you also get a unique .44 magnum and AR-C assault rifle. Again this one cost a bit more but gets you a little more in-game loot. The deluxe edition will cost you $70

Gold Edition.  


Alright so here we go this is where the prices start to go up a bit. The Gold Edition is gonna get you the previous skins and gear from the Deluxe edition, but you also gain the season pass and a what they call a day 1 golden sniper rifle. Also you dont see that you also will be receiving a “Explosives Pack” and ” Chaos Pack”. These 2 additional packs will start you off with grenades, C4, Proximity mines and a bunch of consumables to make you time in the early game a bit more interesting. This one is going to run you $90

Steelbook Gold Edition.


The Steelbook Edition just get you a nice case for you gold edition game disk. This one is going to run you $100

The Father Edition. 



Ok so this bad boy really comes with a lot of swag. You’re getting the game in a steel book, a 2 sided map and an awesome looking 12′ in. figure of the main antagonist “The Father”. Included with all of this you get a beautiful collectors box to store all of this plus all of the additional digital content from the previous a bundles and the season pass. This one is gonna set you back a solid $160

Hope County Edition. 


All you hunters out there you get a lovely deer skull that is just shy of 18″ in. wide, and it’s numbered (1-6000). Also as you can see in the picture again you get all of the previous loot from the previous bundles minus the statue of “The Father”, but you do get a bigger collectors box to show off to all your friends. This one is really going to hit you in the wallet, say goodbye to $180

Resistance Edition.


Alright so to get it out-of-the-way now you get all of the same digital content, but this one really give you some swag to show off in your home and on the go. You get a statue that feature what looks to be the character “Nick Rye” and Boomer the dog. Included with all of this you get some postcards another premium package, a bandana and some pins, and to top it all off you get a nice koozie. This one is a pricey bundle costing you a heaping $200!


So there ya guys go, what do you think of all of Far Cry 5’s Pre-order bonuses? Are you going to be picking up any of these bundles, or are you gonna skip out on all of these add-ons? let me know!

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