Road to Infinity War Review: Iron Man

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Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man. No one can dispute that after watching this movie. This movie takes what was a B list Hero and elavated him to Superstar status as well as launching the entire Marvel Cinematic universe. Looking back at this movie 10 years later, does it still hold up? Absolutely!


The movie tells the origin story of Iron Man while being absurdly entertaining with both its humor and it’s action. The cast all do a great job at bringing their characters to life. Jon Favreau does not get enough credit for the amazing work he did with this movie in creating a strong stand alone origin movie as well as laying the ground work for a cinematic universe that you want to see more of. The movie is not perfect with a couple of editing issues and an ultimately forgettable score(which will continue to plague the MCU). But as an individual movie Iron Man soars to the top and should be on everyone’s list when thinking of the best superhero movies.


“Mr.Stark You’ve become part of a bigger universe”

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