Overwatch League Power Rankings!

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Here we are just days before the Overwatch League inaugural season opener. Week 1 kicks off this Wednesday (January 10th), and it promises to be an amazing show. With top players from around the world, and from just about every pro team in the Overwatch scene. This is going to be a ground breaking event for esports, and were gonna take a quick look at the teams.


12. Philadelphia Fusion

Phily has to be placed at the bottom just due to the fact that we have not seen any play from them so far. The Fusion did not play due to “Player logistic issues” and will be prepared to play for the regular season. We all hope to see a great team, but since there is no info or game tape to watch they have to sit at the bottom spot.



11. Shanghai Dragons

I will start this off by saying that the Dragons had some amazing games, but at the same time it seemed like they couldn’t keep the ball rolling. Every game it seemed like they had the opposition on the ropes, and choked it away every chance they got. I think that Shanghai can definitly grow. For the time being though they are gonna sit pretty low.


10. Florida Mayhem

Florida looked like a team that had the talent that could have made them top half of the league talent, but unfortunately it just didn’t show up in the preseason. They seemed to be almost unprepared for the games that they played and I do hope they can right the ship. Also only carrying only 6 players may prove to be tough.


Image result for Boston Uprising

9. Boston Uprising

The Uprising are a little weird to rank just because of how they work. Though they seem like a great unit when they are running on cylinders, but at the same time I don’t exactly know what style of play they bring. Boston really showed up against Shanghai really show casing them as a unit, and I can see them rising up the ranks but to what extent is all on them. I think that they will definitely be the underdog, and I think that might work in their advantage.



8. Los Angeles Gladiators 

The Gladiators are a bit of a question mark. They are a team that has played together for a quite a while, and I thought that their star power was really going to show up. The only problem was that their star power seems to burn a little to bright at the wrong time. Beating the Spitfire was amazing, but not showing up against the Valiant really took a toll. If they can play the way they did against London look out!


7.San Francisco Shock

Going into the preseason I thought that the Shock would be much lower than they ended up, and to me they were a pleasant surprise. The season is long and that’s a good thing if this team can start to grow together they will be dangerous. I think that the emergence of Babybay was amazing for them, and I think they will be a dangerous team the longer the season goes.


6. Los Angeles Valiant

LAV actually has one of the best players in all of Overwatch in Agilites, and he didn’t even play. Their strong showing against San Francisco was stellar and really showed that in crunch time they know how to win. With strong tanks and a good back line its hard to not think that the Valiant will be a good team.


5. Houston Outlaws

The Outlaws were probably the biggest surprise to me. They may have lost both the games they got, but the teams they played are some of the best out there. Getting thrown into a blender against Seoul and Fuel, and they held up very well. If you are gonna get pitted against basically the 2 time World Cup champs from South Korea, this is the way you want to lose. They took both team down to the last second and that alone is a promising sign!


4. New York Excelsior

The team with my least favorite name played some great games. Saebyeolbe was amazing and watching his Tracer play is nuts. Basically swarming his opponents until he could out duel them. The may have lacked a little bit of firepower in the preseason, but this team was not at full strength. They sill have up and coming youngsters who weren’t able to play because of age. Keep an eye on these guys.



3. Dallas Fuel

The thing about the Fuel is that they played insane, and by insane I mean like actually crazy. Playing with compositions that made no sense and nowhere near the normal  ones played by every other team. Another thing about this team is that they have one of the best rosters in the league. The Fuel are dangerous and should not be underestimated even by higher ranked teams. In my eyes these guys will be around in the playoffs, and will be pushing for the championship.


2. London Spitfire

How on earth could you not see these guys being this high. They may have not looked great against the Gladiators, but they really looked sharp towards the end of the preseason. Junkertown was really bad for them looking like they played a little on their back foot. Another plus for London is that they can play almost anything, and are probably the most flexible team I watched in the preseason.


1. Seoul Dynasty

There is no possible way you can’t put the Dynasty on top. This is basically the same team that took the Overwatch World Cup twice! This squad is so hard to find any flaws the best back line and front line. Also the addition of Fletta who could arguably be the best DPS player in the world also raises their ceiling. Seoul is going to be extremely hard to dethrone from the number 1 spot, but its going to be interesting to see teams try!

I personally cannot wait to watch these teams go at it, but what about you guys? Where did your team end up, and what are your personal ranks for OWL teams? Let me know what your thinking and if your excited for the season to start!


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