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Before I start talking about this amazing episode, if you haven’t already watched the ending music video to the episode, there is an art work of Goku and Vegeta. Goku is in his Ultra Instinct Form, but you also see Vegeta in a almost like Hybrid Ultra Instinct Form!!!!!!!

Could this be a confirmation on his new form????? For in this art work above he has pupils that we have never seen before in his current blue form!!!!! Comment below your opinion I would really love to know!

As we get into the 122 episode, this was freaking amazing, for the art work was like almost movie quality! The episode starts off with Goku and Jiren going ham in a battle, but of course Goku is no match for Jiren. Quickly Vegeta interrupts their fight, and as Vegeta gets spanked away he starts to see through Jiren. Vegeta making an awesome come back for a nice few seconds, Jiren quickly beats Vegeta in their little match.

Later on we also see Frieza being cocky in his fight with Dyspo. And Frieza immediately gets his ass whooped!

Gohan and Android 18 take on Toppo, and immediately get denied from winning their little match with Toppo.

As we come to the closing of the episode, Vegeta’s pride gets hurt by Jirens comment and Vegeta immediately has a surge of uprising power that any one hasn’t seen! Vegeta finishes off Jiren with his ultimate attack, only to have Jiren withstand it knocking Vegeta out cold!

Guys tell me what you think will happen next with in your own opinion! And also tell me what you guys think about the last picture you see in the new ending music video if that is proof that Vegeta will unlock ULTRA INSTINCT!!!!!!!!!!!

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