Insidious: The Last Key Movie Review

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Insidious: The Last Key is a very misleading title as this appears to not be the last of the franchise or a key story that had to be told. TLK is the 4th entry in the Insidious series and it definitely feels like it in more ways than one.


This movie centers around the character of Elise from the previous movies. Going from fan favorite, supporting character to the star of her own movie, the 74 year old Lin Shaye completely kills it and is easily the best part of the movie. The movies delves more into her backstory and origin leading up to the events of the first insidious. However the biggest fundamental problem with the movie is that it feels unimportant. We already know the fate of all of these characters and the movie feels like a spinoff or filler episode of a tv show. Another problem is that the film assumes you’ve watched all the others as none of the “rules” of the universe are explained and other events are not given the proper context.

Film Title: Insidious: The Last Key

When it comes the movie itself it’s decently shot. The pacing takes a major hit going into the second act but it recovers. There’s also a plethora of jump scares all throughout the movie with maybe 1 or 2 clever uses, the rest felt cheap and lazy. There’s also several attempts at humor that never quite land. Overall I don’t think anyone including fans should rush out to see this movie. But I can recommend a watch as a rental or streaming.

The Last Key doesn’t open any new new doors for the series

2.5 out of 5




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