Black mirror ARKANGEL season 4 episode 2: SPOILERS*** and review

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Opening scene … women receiving procedure … c section (makes me a little anxious to watch seeing as how I just did this a year ago—mine was definitely not as chill as hers). Then changes to little girl and grandpa hanging in the kitchen . Mom decided to take kiddo to the park. Mom clearly seems overprotective from the start. Mom is Marie . Suddenly she can’t find her daughter who was just playing. She has the entire neighborhood looking for her and they find her pretty fast. She chased a cat (kids are dumb). But she’s so panicked she goes into a building named ARKANGEL. The lady sticks a needle into the side of the child’s head at the temple which put an implant in her head (basically a microchip). The microchip can do numerous things, check body temperature, track where the child is, and also parental control. You can blur things that they see and watch. You can also watch what they can see.

Side note—I can’t figure out where the grandpa is from but he’s from something I’ve seen before.

The mom uses the app to watch and check everything. The mother goes to work and leaves child (Sara) with grandpa. Then grandpa falls down seems to be having a stroke or seizure? The mom checks in on the daughter and she’s watching it happen but it’s filtered so the mom unfilters it and rushes home. Then time passes the daughter is now a teenager it seems and the grandfather has passed. She still has this “filter” view on. So when she sees her mother crying it’s all blurred just like when the grandfather had fallen. She goes to school and can’t watch what the kids are watching and gets annoyed and she has a kid discribe a bloody scene to her. She then tries to go home and draw it and it blurs it out. Parental vision. So Sara decides to stab herself repeatedly to see blood but it blurs. So she takes the kid to the psychiatrist who says the ARKANGEL system has been banned you can’t remove the implant but you can stop watching her on the app 24/7 . If you do that then the parental vision turns off. So she lets the daughter know she’ll have to watch everything normally. No blurred vision no parental advisory on. So she goes into school . She asks a friend to let her watch a whole bunch of stuff on the computer. Porn, the movie Saw, a bunch of twisted stuff. Now it shows the girl getting older again. She’s now in high school. She gets invited to go out to the lake. She lies to her mom says she’s going to a friends. She goes to the lake has a joint. The mom also got dressed to go out and called a guy. Ok so it gets late into the night. The mom starts to go home can’t find her daughter and turns out she’s not at home when she gets there so she digs for the tablet with the software system on it. So she turns it on and she catches her daughter in the middle of sleeping with some guy. And so she turns it off but still has the gps on to find out where she is. So the mom Marie basically freaked out so hard calling all the other kids parents and ratted all the girls out. The mom pretends she didn’t know but catches her daughter in a lie. So now it seems as if the girl is starting to rebel. Her dude she hooked up with is selling cocaine. And she wants to try it. The tablet notifies the mom that she’s consuming cocaine. And the mom is officially losing it. Since she’s already overprotective. So she photocrops a picture of the guy and finds out where he works. She goes into his work and threatens him with everything he didn’t realize the system was on. The daughter keeps trying to get a hold of him and she can’t. He won’t respond because the mom freaked him the hell out. The boy tells sara that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Alright something weird is starting to happen. A minor small thing the mom makes a daughter a shake every morning and it seems like she puts stuff into her shake every morning. Well this morning she put an emergency contraceptive pill into it. How does she find this out? She begins to vomit and the nurse told her what happened. The tablet notified the mom that she was pregnant and the mom took it into her own hands. So the daughter discovers the mom has been watching her she begins to pack a lot of stuff and then her, mom comes home she begins attacking her mom beating the shit outta her with the tablet. The mom isn’t dead tho although her face seems pretty messed up. But the tablet is dead. The mom loses her mind and cries. Sara hitchhikes to leave town and her mom behind.

Alright this episode was very blah. I mean it wasn’t as great as other episodes where there’s a huge plot change, or the connection between the futuristic sci fi feel wasn’t there. I made it through just because I felt like the idea of being able to watch my kid would be tempting. Being a new mom, I mean, I would want to know my kid is safe and not up to no good. But this completely backfired and was to the point of obsessive/stalkerish. I will say this tho, I don’t believe we’re far off from this technology and there are much more panicked moms then chill ones. I believe if given the opportunity most parents would do this. But the lesson behind this is let your kid be a kid sometimes, otherwise you’ll end up pissing your kid off so bad they’ll beat you, then bounce. 5/10 for sure with this one. I wouldn’t really make the attempt to watch it again.


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