Will Overwatch League be the next successful professional sports platform?

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Overwatch League (OWL)  is a new professional e-sports platform, that is more along the likes of the NFL or NBA than it is your traditional e-sports. OWL will have a season that spans basically 6 months from kickoff to the playoffs and championship, and assures to be action packed for Overwatch fans. 12 teams divided by 2 divisions each team having their own home and away team colors, and gear to support your favorite team are sold in store and in Overwatch itself!


Boston Uprising                          Dallas Fuel

Florida Mayhem                  Los Angeles Gladiators

Houston Outlaws                   Los Angeles Valilant

London Spitfire                    San Francisco Shock

New York Excelsior                      Seoul Dynasty

Philadelphia Fusion                  Shanghai Dragons

As you can see these teams are not only in america! With England, South Korea and China all having their own respective teams. The question remains though, can such a unique and niche concept break into the very crowded sports market? I think that the creators of the league knew that limiting themselves to just America would hurt them, as Americans such as myself love their normal sports. With the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL getting the most publicity while soccer fans here know that the MLS is still growing, and compared to the previously named 3 much smaller in almost every way.

Overwatch Teams

Stretching the reach of the league to more accepting groups such as South Korea I feel does ensure them a small chunk of success. Like I said earlier OWL is not your traditional e-sports event or tournament. This is a league which means you have to carry interest along the 6 months of play time. That I think will be the most difficult part on all fronts, but I am very excited to see some of my favorite players battle it out to claim that number one spot.

First week of OWL Starts January 10th!

Overwatch League.png

If the ending of the Overwatch World Cup that just wrapped up a few month ago gives us any clues, then I am very interested to see how the playoffs and championship rounds end up. What about you guys are you interested in anything from OWL or is this not your cup of tea? Let me know what you think and also let me know your favorite team!

Also be sure to tune in for updates and power rankings every week throughout Overwatch League!



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