Anticipation 2018: Days Gone

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Happy New Year to all you fine people! Welcome to my 3rd entry into ANTICI…


PATION 2018! Today I tackle my love for zombies, show you a side of an actor you may not have realized was there, & let you know this is NOT a copy and paste game! Here we go!

Days Gone

Days Gone

Release date: TBA 2018

Systems: PS4

E3 2016 showed us a new IP (click to see trailer) from developer Bend Studio (Syphon Filter series & PlayStation Vita exclusive Uncharted titles), exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We are graced with beautifully detailed scenery, with a man we now know as Deacon ‘Starkiller’ St. John being told it’s going to be dark soon.

“Has that ever stopped me?” he said as he mounts his dirtbike. He rides towards what seems to be an abandoned, fenced off campground of some sort where he starts to look for another man named Two Dog. He comes across two wolves eating a human corpse. He shoos them away. Needless to say at this point, I am interested. The look, the feel, the grit; all of it has me hook, line and sinker. He finds a makeshift silencer for his gun and continues on. He comes across one the wolves again, this time being eaten by an angry Gollum look-alike creature that scurries away like a cockroach being discovered. He slowly follows it as it heads to a barn where not long after, he hears struggling. Deacon recognizes the voice as 2 Dog & starts running towards the barn. At this point, I am having flashbacks to “28 Days Later”, one of my favorite zombie films that have come out since the turn of the millennium. Deacon comes up to see Dog struggling with zombie Gollum and chucks him down to the ground.

days gone gollum

Deacon tries to go after 2 Dog but the mudder lookalike (‘Left 4 Dead 2’ zombie) leaps at him. Deacon dispatches of him with a nice shot under the chin. 2 Dog has since climbed to the roof, with Deacon not far behind.  Deacon is yelling at him when the camera pans onto a giant mob of this version of zombie, and you can just hear the ‘Oh shit” in Deacon’s voice. Deacon is on the roof looking for 2 Dog all while being quiet when 2 Dog ambushes him and they fall the floor near a pack of zombies. 2 Dog is screaming in pain as we see that he has broken a bone in his leg, as I am screaming at the TV telling him to STFU. Deacon makes a run for it as the zombie swarm to have a ripe, fresh meal.  I am super sold already, like, throwing it at the TV crying saying “Please give me it NOW!”

days gone NOPE

The rest of the gameplay trailer is running away, with mild shooting at the horde of hungry zombies chasing, with a few extras in some gameplay features being sold. I loved seeing the struggle the zombies had crawling over the corpses of other zombies as they were killed. It’s a huge breath of fresh air coming from ‘Left 4 Dead’. We then see some melee mechanics, quick time events, and environment actions to the combat. This continues on for another 3 minutes, & the whole time I am soaking it in, just wanting more.

days gone end

There is no doubt that the ‘Zombie” genre is nowhere near dead, at least not with ‘The Walking Dead’ still one of, if not the most, popular TV show on today. Sony already has its hands deep in the post-apocalyptic “cookie jar”, with the near perfect ‘The Last Of Us’ (and its sequel announced and on the way), so why not take another shot with it, but add a “World War Z” amount of zombies to kill? Luckily enough, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny spoke with Sony president Shuei Yoshida during the PlayStation Experience 2017 last month about this, & he said that both game studios have conversed to ensure that both games are unique from one another. This should put excited players at ease knowing that they are going to be playing a unique game when it comes out later this year.

days gone happy

While I do think that the comparisons between the two titles are never going to end, I wouldn’t call ‘Days Gone’ a title that will hold you over until ‘Last Of Us 2’. Sam Witwer has proven to be a great lead actor in video games & TV (Being Human), Bend has a record of developing great titles in the past, & there are few Sony exclusive titles of this magnitude that have failed. This game is sure to stand on its own two feet & I am sure you will not want to sleep on it.


Thanks for staying with me in the safe house! Next time, I let loose my feelings on ANOTHER Sony exclusive title that has me salivating! TTFN!


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