Black mirror season 4 episode 1 SPOILERS****AND REVIEW USS CALLISTER

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Opening scene; starts off as a vintage voyage scene similar to Star Trek. Shows a captain and his team trying to defend themselves against an enemy. They are being fired upon, the captain takes a risky move to blow up the other ship. And he is trying to capture a crystal but they don’t retrieve it and the other man from the ship escapes in an escape pod. But they celebrate nonetheless and he does a very movie star no tongue kiss to his women on the spaceship and then the scene ends.

Then you open up to an elevator and it’s the man who is the captain of the ship at a regular day to day job. Checking into work he bumps into several people all from the scene of the spaceship as well. Turns out his name is Robert Daly and he is the co creator of this virtual realty program and he designed the game/world of INFINITY. He meets a young girl, Nanette, who is very passionate about his work and he explains space fleet which is a tv show he was obsessed with. He has all the VHS and DVDS. Then his seems to be boss comes into his office, Who is also from the spaceship scene, bob Walton. Bob sweeps in and takes Nanette away to meet everyone and socialize and clearly Daly is envious and seems almost socially awkward and obsessive of his work environment. He then heads home. And this is where the connection happens he then puts on his virtual realty equipment which is just a little silver dot you put in your temple and he goes into “infinity”

So he enters back into alternate realty. He treats his sidekick (bob) like total shit and gets mad at basically everyone in the ship. Tells them they are disgraceful and disgusting. And then has Walton(bob) act as his footrest. Then he exits the game.

Clearly Daly (aka matt Damon wannabe; he looks like he could almost be matt Damon’s doppelgänger) has psychological issues and likes to act as a whole other person in this alternate universe in real life he is not controlling, very quiet, and seems to just let people walk all over him. Then in virtual realty he is this bossy, confident asshole. Nanette talks to another coworker who is also in his virtual realty and she says(coworker) he’s a creep (Daly) and doesn’t seem to have any respect for him. So it seems as though he has a crush on Nanette. He watched her drinking her coffee then he takes the lid of her coffee brings it home and processed the DNA. This is where it gets weird.

She wakes up ( Nanette) in the game and she clearly is frightened and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Turns out when you enter this alternate universe you know exactly who you are your memories and everything is still intact but what Daly is doing is creating tech clones of you and putting them into this virtual world. They have been put in against there will, but there real life is still going on in the outside world. So both worlds don’t seem to connect completely. There are ways to contact the outside world, of course, through technology but we will get to that. Nanette freaks out everyone tells her to calm down and play along. They tell her about how this is Daly’s alternate reality and they are apart of space fleet. The tv show that Daly was obsessed with. And they are just trying to explain to her what’s going on. The virtual reality is his own modded version and they are apart of it for some reason or another. She then discovers they are all exact digital clones of themselves. Daly arrives and they tell her to play along or bad things will happen. She of course doesn’t. She freaks, runs around and he then tortures her a bit, so then she cooperates but not for long. They go on a mission and that’s when she discovers there is a connection to the real world when he pauses the game to grab a Pizza he ordered from real life.

She decided they need to get out of the fucking game … she is a coder so she’s tech savvy. She finds a way to communicate a message to herself in the real world but it backfires.. doesn’t work! She (Nanette) tells the nerd dude (Daly) who then punishes the entire alternate universe turns a chick into a fucking monster …. anyways she finds another way she’s not giving up yet. So she finds a “black hole” which will possibly “kill” them all and they will escape … but they find out that he has their dna in a fridge on hand always to put them back in the game … so they reconnect again with the chick from the outside and she says she has risqué pictures that she never wants out in the public so she hacks into her own iCloud account and blackmails herself and makes her steal the dna …. they have to escape through the wormhole aka the update software of the Infinity game. They make it through and Daly gets stuck in his own universe and gets stuck in the game. The software than deletes the “rogue” software which then kills him in real life. The team that made it into the new software have now landed into an all out space universe and are free to roam the internet/universe as they please.

For the start of the new season it doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure. Like any other black mirror episode it has that new future touch but also realism of what can possibly happen with our dependency to technology. Anytime I watch an episode I’m always left with this eerie feeling of what the fuck did I actually just watch. And then I feel like, man I really liked it I’m going to watch more. I left out some details so you have some surprises when you watch the episode that help tie in how detailed this episode actually is. All in all I would rate it a 7/10. 10 being the best here people.

Thankfully those British people allowed Netflix to take over this extremely sci fi futuristic series and I know I can’t wait to finish the rest of this 6 episode season 🙌 stay tuned for more reviews but pre warn I’m slowly but surely watching these episodes. I’m assuming most people have already binged out and watched all 6 but I’ve got a 1 year old running around who has no interest in black mirror😂


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