Red Dead Redemption 2 News!!!

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As my most anticipated game of 2018 I’ve been doing my best to keep my finger on the pulse of anything Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption 2 related. Well over the past weekend a leaked release date from Danish retailer Coolshop listed the release date as June 8th but quickly changed it to simply “2018”.

Most people would probably chalk this up to a mistake but this was the same retailer that leaked and correctly leaked Rockstars last big title Grand Theft Auto V back in 2014. After already one delay pushing the game back from fall of 2017 to spring of 2018 to now possibly summer of 2018, all I know is that the game can’t get here soon enough.

Rockstar is still being tight lipped themselves as far as the actual release date but hopefully now that the internet and the fans of the series are back in a buzz about the game hopefully they give us a little news. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below or just let me know if you could possibly be as excited as I am for this game.

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