We Need a Season 3 of Gundam Thunderbolt!

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If you watch any anime you have probably heard of Gundam. The most succesful mecha anime franchise there is, and my personal favorite in the mecha genre. I’ve watched tons of different iterations in the series, and I think that Thunderbolt is easily one of my favorites!

Season 1 was brutal, stellar and action packed! We have action on top of action and are instantly thrown into the battle between the Earth Federation and Zeon forces. The battlefield in season 1 is inside of a destroyed space colony that Zeon forces have made into a sniper field, and it introduces us to our protagonist (Io Fleming) and antagonist (Daryl Lorenz). These two have a great rivalry in season 1 and really give you one of the most action packed battles between a Gundam and Zaku.

Gundam vs Phscyo

Season 2 really tries to keep the pace but is not the action packed masterpiece that season 1 was. I felt that it did lack that amazing rivalry that we had between ace pilots and that is what I think hurt this specific season. That said it still was well put together and had a little bit more story telling to it. We get to see Io get into his second Gundam of the series, but only for a short time. I will say I said that the season lacked in action but all of the action that they needed really showed up in the final episode of season 2. The entire episode is literally war on every front between Earth Federation, Zeon and even a new enemy. This new enemy seems menacing and I cannot wait to see that if we get a season 3 where they go with them.

yello pshyco

If you haven’t seen Gundam Thunderbolt yet I cannot recommend it enough! With brutal deaths to beautiful battles between all forces it’s great. If you are a new to Gundam it is a great series to watch though it would be better if you knew at least a little bit for the forces fighting on either end. Again here’s hoping to a season 3 sometime soon I honestly hope that it can help finish the amazing story that they have made here!

What about you have you watched this anime? If you have what are your thoughts on Gundam Thunderbolt let me know!




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