Steve and His Top Ten…OF THE YEAR!

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LISTS LISTS LISTS!  Who doesn’t love a great list?  Especially end of the year lists!  I’ve complied my top ten games I’ve played of the year.  2017 was a crazy year, I had a baby, moved and started this website (my other baby).  Let’s walk through the magical world of 2017!


10. Miracle Merchant

The only mobile game on my list.  Miracle Merchant is only $.99 on the iTunes store and a pretty fun little game.  It doesn’t smash you over the head with in game purchases or any sort of loot box system.  You’re put in the roll of a potion merchant with a particular set of skills, that set of skills is know what type of potion is your customers favorite.  You have 4 different categories of cards to create these potions, some have effects that mod other cards or take away effects.  A pretty fun game that doesn’t have any sort of refresh time or pay to win aspects.


9. Snipperclips

Snipperclips, the launch title on the Switch that you probably didn’t play.  A super fun game that is 1-4 players, but honestly if you were to play it, play with someone.  Snipperclips tests your mental capabilities as well as your team work.  You will find yourself screaming at your co-op friend that they don’t know what the are doing, don’t know what shape you need and WHY WON’T THEY JUST LISTEN TO YOU.  It’s a super addictive puzzle game with solutions that are highly innovative.


8. Accounting+

One of the most fun VR experiences I’ve had.  From SquanchGames and Crows Crows Crows, Accounting+ places you in multiple situations, each more crazy than the last.  You find yourself tossing bricks through windows to prove how thug you are, chatting with the king of VR and summoning Satan himself.  The intuitive controls (while using the sticks) places you in the world as you grab batteries, nudie mags and poops.  It’s a honest steal at the $11.99 price point and a super fun way to introduce people to VR.


7. Resident Evil 7

My wife actually gifted me Resident Evil 7 shortly after our son was born, so most of my memories of RE7 are killing rednecks while trying to feed a two month old.  RE7 is a fresh take on the series.  Rather than the regular zombie killing you do, you find yourself chasing after your wife, who, has presumably gone crazy while being held hostage by a family of “hill folk”.  The game has a stellar beginning that peters off towards the end, but it’s short comings in the end don’t out weigh the start.

6. Cuphead

I feel bad for putting Cuphead so low on the list.  Everything about Cuphead is amazing, from the animation style, the soundtrack and the sound effects.  The game play is ultra hard but intuitive enough that most people can pick it up and play it (and die, over and over again).  I love everything about it, but it was that uber hard difficulty that took some points away.

5. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the first Super Mario game I played since Super Mario 64.  Our outing together was spectacular and I played this game day and night.  In the end it left me wanting something that wasn’t there.  I feel like the days of just Mario are becoming numbered and we need something more.  Mario taking over creatures is a nice feature, but what are Luigi, Waluigi, Wario and Yoshi (I know) doing during all of this?


4. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m still playing BOTW.  I bought it when I bought the system MONTHS ago.  BOTW is so huge and in agreement with Levi, loses it there.  There’s no check list to tell you how many seeds you’ve collected, or how many more shrines you need to find or just how many weapons you’ve found out of how many.  Sometimes you feel overwhelmed at the sheer size of Hyrule, and other times you stop on top of a mountain peak and just take in the beautiful scenery.  It’s amazing what Nintendo did with BOTW, as everything about it screams NEXT GEN, but you’re playing it off a cartridge on a tablet.  Amazing.

3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

As longtime readers may know, I waited in line at this years E3 for eight full hours, just to play the demo. It was worth it then, and the wait for the game was well worth it.  Killing nazis is so satisfying as you mow a group down with a mini gun, or melt them with a laser.  The game takes some amazing turns, as well as placing you in a KKK/nazi run Rosewell, NM, launching you into space to run through Venus, and an amazing submarine party.    The after game content is awesome as well, having you run through stages to find Uber Kommanders and taking them out.

2. SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 came out of nowhere for me.  I had read some blurbs talking about how great and addicting it was and I was pretty intrigued.  To say that it’s addicting is an understatement.  SteamWorld Dig 2 hits all the perfect spots, easily tracked collectibles, amazing controls/universe and intriguing story.  Steamworld 2 made me go back and play SteamWorld Dig 1 which is just as great, but you can play SteamWorld 2 on PS4 and Switch!


1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Take the vast world of Hyrule, the collectibles of SteamWorld Dig 2 and some awesome next gen graphics/game play and you get Horizon Zero Dawn.  Alloy is such a perfectly written character and her story is so interesting.  You are rooting for her every step of the way as she finds out more about her background, and why she was a cast off.  You play as a strong lead character the whole game and find yourself emotionally invested in everything you’re doing.  The world is beautiful and the enemies you face are a breath of fresh air in the world of COD and Fortnite.


I appreciate all of you readers, listeners and viewers.  You guys make Frankenculture what it is and we have some awesome things planned for 2018!

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  1. Great List. I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on SnipperClips. Such a fun game. I need to grab some friends and try 4 player mode. Gonna have to check out that mobile game. Cuphead is so frustrating but I think Id have to put in on my list too! Ive a huge fan of the indie stuff anyway!

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