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Tonight I had the all time best fun thrilling night that I’ve had in a long time! Although some may disagree, to me this movie was the funnest movie I got to watch all year! 

As we all know from the trailers, this movie takes place right after the first movie in 1995. Some how the Jumanji board game resurfaces and updates itself to an actual console game. 

There were 4 teenagers that were sent to a school basement for detention and came across the game. Instead of the jungle coming to their town, they went to the jungle! 

Being in their characters avatar they were all equipped with certain strengths, skills, and weaknesses to get through this real life game! I was amazed how much in to detail they get about the gaming world! Even down to the very word abbreviation “NPC” which means “non playable character” and how the NPC’s reacted in the game to make you feel like you were really playing a pre programmed game to where even the people that they met were very robotic like. 

I loved this movie from beginning to end! Every second of this movie was great!!! You really get sucked into the jungle world and really grow to love each character to the point that each one had a unique purpose for this story line. I feel that the character build for each character and the story was great! And also a whole bunch of Easter eggs nodding to the original movie!!! Wish I could spoil it for you guys and tell you all the good parts but I will save the surprise for you guys, for when you hear the beating drums of Jumanji, you will be going to see the movie!


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