Rockstar Games… What is Going On?

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Yesterday in a haze from my post pizza eat fest and pre graveyard shift nap time I was scrolling the inter webs as I do and stumbled across Gameology- The Best of Gaming’s Facebook page and noticed they had posted some Red Dead Redemption 2 news.

The news ultimately not actually being news but a posting of an already seen trailer with different credits than that posted by Rockstar Games back in September.

Is this a special made Rockstar Games trailer made for Gameology that they’ve been sitting on since September to re drum up excitement that their new release that also has no official release date is coming out “spring 2018”?

Personally I haven’t lost excitement I got extra amped of the reminder that we’re nearing a new Rockstar game that isn’t Grand Theft Auto!!

Looking at this time line we’re clearly due for a new game and considering Rockstar had previously released some form of entertainment since 1998 leading up to 2013/14 stopping at Grand Theft Auto 5(GTAV) , I’m hoping the disgusting lack of anything not GTAV related means this upcoming sequel/prequel to Red Dead Redemption will be nothing short of amazing.

What I’m getting at though is, what in the video game developing fuck is Rockstar doing, not releasing some form of information on a highly anticipated title but relying on high traffic video game related websites to drum up interest for them so close to spring of 2018? I want hard data Rockstar Games.. give the people what they want!!!

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