The Best of PSX 2017!

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Playstation held their 4th annual “Playstation Experience”, and it was amazing. The opening night was full of insane and very welcome announcements and updates. From VR to remasters there was everything, and it’s looking to be another great year from Playstation. Trying to capitalize on their stellar 2017, 2018 is chalked full of amazing titles, and I cannot wait to see everything that they had for us at PSX!


Let’s get the elephant in the room out-of-the-way. It looks like sometime in the very near future, we will be able to finally change our PSN names! That’s right everyone sound the alarm towards the end of the opening night, Playstation CEO Shawn Layden when asked about being able to finally change player names answered. “Let me put it this way: I hope we’ll see events occur so that you don’t have to ask me that question next PSX.” When I heard this my heart sang! I cannot wait to be able to change my online handle after all these years.


Now other than some of the cosmetics items we’ll get into some games! If you are a long time Playstation gamer you may remember a game called MediEvil, and now you will be able to play it again! The remaster for MediEvil is in the works and will have 4K capabilities. Other than remasters we also had tons of news that involved VR.

PSVR is evolving and starting to amass more of the market, and with that happening that means we get more games for it. 2 of the new additions to the PSVR family are going to be Wipeout and The Last Guardian! That’s right The Last Guardian is getting a sorta wonky looking VR update that will be available on December 12th! Now if you have a sensitive stomach than I don’t know if I recommend WipEout in VR.  In a game that is crazy fast and always moving you might wanna look into it first. WipEout VR will be available in early 2018.

These weren’t the only titles another game called “Blood & Truth” which looks honestly amazing! In my eyes it is definitely the best look PSVR game that will be coming out. Though it does have the point and click style of movement it is ground, so you wont be teleporting around and seems almost tactile. Blood & Truth was a very refreshing look at what the PSVR can do!


Tons of the most anticipated games were there! God of War got announced to have probably one of the longest game times ever with a total of 30-45 HOURS! Death Stranding got a new trailer and its as weird as ever. Showing us that this might be the weirdest game we have ever seen! Nothing and I mean NOTHING in this trailer makes any sense, and even that being said Death Stranding is still very intriguing and I want to play it. Soul Calibur 6 got an announcement and it looks fantastic I’ve played almost every single one in the franchise, and cant wait to give this one a shot as well!


All in all PSX 2017 was a great show in the long run even though it wasn’t a home run. The opening night fell a little flat, but as you got to watch the trailers and panels it made up for it a bit. As I said I cannot wait to see what Sony has planned for next year and even more so with so many great games coming out! What about you guys are you excited for any of the titles coming out? Let us know you thought on PSX!


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