The Best Headsets at the Best Price!

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As everyone knows Frankenculture is full of gamers and we love to hear our games in great quality. Be it in the middle of a heated gun fight, or a babbling brook in an adventure game. We love to have great audio and we want you to have the same! So I wanted to tell you about our favorite headset company that is doing an amazing black friday deal!

Lucid Black Friday

Lucid Sound is offering a lovely deal were if you purchase their top of the line LS40 headset, you will recieve a LS20 headset free of charge! That’s right get 2 quality gaming headsets for the price of one. Now Lucid Sound headsets are not only great for gaming they are also brilliant for listening to music and even taking phone calls. With innovative design and quality build we belive you will love these!

Check them out at and don’t forget to use our promo code “Franken” to save yourself 20% off the entire purchase!


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