What Is Going On With Battlefront 2!

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Battlefront 2 is a huge upcoming Star Wars game produced by Dice and EA. Originally it was a wonderful title for many people bringing to life more of the Star Wars universe, but now its a true look at how bad micro transactions can be in a game. Report after report have come out about how the game has quickly become a pay to win title, and after all the details that have been seen and released its hard to argue.



What we know is that originally the game beta was released and people found loot boxes. Those loot boxes were found out to have hero’s you could unlock by getting said boxes, but also with the unlocking of a new hero you able to unlock more powerful versions of characters. Damage resistance levels and more were able to be unlocked by simply purchasing loot boxes and trying your luck to unlock these abilities. That in its self was already a huge draw back to many, noticing that you can essentially gamble on loot boxes to get characters/upgrades.

There is also a way to unlock characters in-game with natural progression, but that had to be changed around after people found the amount of game time needed to do so. Reports had come out that it takes about 40 hours of in game time needed to unlock some of the top-level characters in the game (Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker)! 40 hours to get enough credits to unlock those characters that is crazy talk, but EA listened and lowered that cost 70% is what they say.


What we do not know yet is if they have also lowered the amount of credits you earn in-game, but what we do know is that if you take loot boxes to the extreme this is what you get. I’m not saying get rid of loot boxes altogether, but I am saying that if left unchecked loot boxes become way to much of a pay to win idea. I personally don’t care about cosmetics or other characters that don’t change the game. I do however care if someone who plays the game for just long enough to open 5 lootboxes that gets the strongest characters, while im grinding for months to get the same character. Now I know that’s just a personal belief, but I know im not the only one. Lets’s all just hope this isn’t going to become the norm!



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