I Dream of Deals

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After staying out until 6am and sleeping most of the day away I’m finally ready to share this weeks deals with you all, hope you’re ready. 

  PlayStation as usual has a plethora of awesome deals, but we will start with a pretty awesome free game for PlayStation plus memebers for the month of November which is Worms Battlegrounds a fun little game that played with friends or alone can be quite enjoyable. 

  Another fun game for all you arcade racing fans PlayStation has MX vs ATV: All in Edition at 75% off for $29.99 marked down from $119.99 which is awesome to see such a good deal in the marketplace. 

  Any parents reading this as well who maybe wants to spoil your kids or yourself a little before Christmas the PlayStation marketplace has ten different LEGO games for sale including the bigger titles such as LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakes for $4.99 or LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for $7.99. 

   Maybe it was all the margaritas I had after work last night, but I struggled to find my way into the Microsoft marketplace from their new dashboard update. Once in though I was happy to see they finally had some decent deals after last weeks poor showing. 

  First if you’re one of those arcade racing fans mentioned in the PlayStation portion of our article you’ll be happy to know Microsoft has you in mind as well with Forza Motorsport 6/ Forza Horizon 2 bundle on sale for $45.00 marked down from $89.99. 

  Another exciting title for Xbox One is Quantum Break which is half of at $20.00 from $39.99

  Last but not least, Microsoft has for you all, Homefront: The revolution on sale for $12.00 marked down from $29.99 for all you first person shooter fans. 

  Nintendo as usual wants all your money but I will always try to include them even if it’s just to mention they want all your money. 

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