GameStop Adding Rentals With Power Pass!

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GameStop the once unstoppable used video game dealer is bringing back a relic of the past. Game rentals are being brought back from near death with the Power Pass. Their new rental service comes with the small fee of $60 upfront for a 6 month subscription, but in the long run it actual doesn’t seem like such a steep price.

There are a few guidelines to this plan which seem to be. Renting will only be afforded to Power Pass members and only one title can be out at a time. Only used games from in-store can be rented, and you must return which ever title to get another game. At the conclusion of your 6 month subscription you are able to keep whatever game you had out.


So for the price of a new game your able to rent as many used titles you want, and be able to keep your last game that you rented. GameStop is pulling out all the stops on this new plan. The company has had a bit of a hard time lately but this new rental program seems to be a very bright outlook. Power Pass rentals will be up for grabs “the week of November 13th,”.

If you are ok with going into a GameStop, and grabbing some games to play this holiday season make sure you stay on the look out for this one!


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