Overwatch’s New Character “Moira” is an Immoral Scientist.

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Yesterday at Blizzcon a new hero for Overwatch was announced, and her name is Moira! She is the new healer that is being added to the game, and the way she gets her healing done is evil in every way. When talking about the healers abilities she seems very vampiric, by sucking the life force from another to give to her team.

Not only did they talk about her abilities, but also a bit of her back story was revealed in her origin story trailer that was also released yesterday. We see that Overwatch tried to stop her scientific advances that were not morally right, but others wanted her knowledge. We see that she may be heavily connected to Gabriel Reyes and his transformation into Reaper, but only time will tell.

This new hero has not gotten a release date yet, but we got a comfirmation that it’s coming soon. I cannot wait to give her a try though! What about you? Are you excited for this new hero? Let us know what you thought of her reveal and her new abilities she will bring!


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