“Honor and Glory” Reinhardt’s Past Told!

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The “Honor and Glory” short was added to the amazing library of Overwatch cinematics yesterday. We got to see a glimpse of what the old man has been through, and also where he got a lot of his phrases. Overwatch is amazing at building character back story outside of the actual game. Though there may be in-game voice lines that reveal a bit of each characters story, mainly we rely on these cinematics or virtual comics that Blizzard releases.



We start by seeing our current Reinhardt after hearing Winston’s recall message, and we can tell he is somewhat troubled by the idea. He looks at a medal given by Overwatch and the flashback begins. We are  shown that Rein was not originally Overwatch’s choice, but his commander and leader of the German crusader units Balderich von Adler!



Their discussion on Overwatch is cut short when a battle breaks out, but not before we hear the origin of Reinhardt’s trade mark “Honor and Glory” voice line. We see that Rein was not always the team player as he is now (depending on the player that’s in your game). Rushing off to fight on his own while his team struggles to fight against ominic forces, but Reinhardt quickly finds a new foe that can stand up to him.


We get the reasons as to why Reinhardt has his one white eye, why he acts the way he does, and find out exactly how Baldrich became to be the suit of armor found on the Eichenwalde map in-game. Before the short ends we see current day Reinhardt pay his respects to his old friend, with the words “I have been called and I must answer… Always.” to close out the short. Its beautiful and breathtaking giving so much story to the old man of the team. If you’re a fan or Reinhardt or Overwatch you must watch this cinematic!



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