Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft Classic, and New Expansion.

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Yesterday Blizzard held the opening ceremony for Blizzcon, tons of new content was revealed including huge news for World of Warcraft. Many players have said how much they missed the old classic version of the game, and Blizzard has listened!

The announcement of a World of Warcraft Classic is in production, though they did not give a release date or many details. What we do no is that this will be a classic server option for you and your friends to be able to venture back, to the WoW that was before all the huge map changing updates that have happened. Along side this news is the announcement of another update that is coming to WoW!

Battle of Azeroth is the next insane expansion to the WoW universe. We got to see all sorts of new things that can happen or be obtained, we saw new races and weapons. In true Blizzard fashion it is not a reveal unless there is a new cinematic. Breathtaking as always the cinematic shows a huge scale battle between the Horde led by Sylvanas Windrunner, and the Legion led by King Anduin Wrynn! Its epic and you need to check it out if you havent.

The new expansion boasts all out warfare for the players factions. No release date was said, but we are sure that when it releases it will be amazing! Are you WoW fans excited for the new expansion, or going back in time to the early years of the game? Let us know your thoughts!


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