Paying Full Price is Lame!!

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  If you agree, I can help and have your back! If you’re not interested in buying all the new AAA titles coming out like stupid Call Of Duty or extra lame Mario Odyssey I found some pretty cool deals for you. 

  PlayStation this week has a ton of deals in their store but here are the games that stuck out most to me. Starting with The Surge, a futuristic 3rd person fighting adventure game, think Dark Souls but with killer robots. PlayStation has it for 60% off at $23.99. 

  At the PlayStation Paris Game week they announced some new dlc for Resident Evil 7 I felt I should let you all know the Resident Evil Triple Pack is on sale as well. Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 all in a neat little bundle for $29.73, that’s 50% off and three whole games for half of one new title. 

  Lastly also because they announced some upcoming dlc for Horizon Zero Dawn it was nice to see it marked down in the store for us lame people that haven’t got to play it yet. I know I’ll be getting it now for the awesome deal of $27.99 at 44% off. 

  Microsoft and the XboxOne market place left me micro and soft, their store right now is pretty lame except for Elder Scrolls online which is amazing and will use up as many hours of your life as you’re willing to give and it’s only $10 dollars right now and the ESO Morrowwind add on is $40 marked down from $79.99 which is a sweet deal! 

  Other than that stay away from your XboxOne if you have one unless you like spending all your money. 

  Nintendo as usual has no deals but I made a joke at the beginning of this article about Mario Odyssey being extra lame… well it’s not it’s actually pretty awesome and if you own a Switch pay full price for that game,  give Nintendo all your money. 


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