Blizzcon’s Opening Ceremony Was Insane!

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Blizzcon has just started and it’s going crazy! Announcement after announcement has come out of the annual convention that Blizzard holds. For almost every IP they have under their name there has been something announced. Blizzard, a huge name under the esport banner, is have tournaments and even some invitational matches in some games, also new stages for World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Starcraft 2!

Starcraft is getting new updates including a new co-op commander, which is basically 2 characters in one.  The biggest announcement for Starcraft 2 is that it is now free to play! Hero’s of the Storm got some more news including the addition of new characters. Overwatch fans that play HoS will be pleased to see that the archer Hanzo will be added to the roster, along with a new hero named Alexstrasza which can turn into a freaking dragon! Along with these additions to the roster there were also gameplay changes including:

  • Voice chat
  • New camera
  • Laning improvements
  • Stealth rework
  • Evolved Battleground Mechanics

Hearthstone will be getting a new expansion with probably the catchiest tune ive ever heard in an announcement trailer. Kobolds and Catacombs gives its homage to classic fantasy and dungeon crawling. New cards will be added such as one named “Tolin’s Goblet” which has the player draw a card, then fills the players with copies of it! Also a new feature is that all nine classes have been gifted legendary weapons. A single player mode called “Dungeon run” where you can play against 8 different bosses. This single player mode will be free and sounds like it will be awesome! Going on and up to new heights and it looks like Hearthstone is going to get even more updates.

Blizzard’s star child Overwatch had probably the biggest announcements so far from Blizzcon. A new map, character, esports and a cinematic short for the oldest member of Overwatch. Reinhardt the giant German tank character finally had some of his amazing back story told. With another beautiful cinematic we see exactly why Reinhardt lives by the words “Honor and Glory”! Along with the cinematic we got a new character named “Moira”, a healer character which seems to be a mix between a few of the already existing characters on the roster. A new map was introduced named “Blizzard World” which is basically Blizzards very own virtual Disneyland.

So far Blizzcon has been nothing short of amazing. announcement after another Blizzard is pulling out all of the stops, and this was only the opening ceremony, also if you would like to watch the whole opening ceremony please watch it here!

These were only some of the wonderful  news that Blizzard dropped on us. We will be getting more news to all of the updates and more. Be sure to stay tuned on all of the info we can find! Are you guys excited for all of the news that Blizzard has in store? Let us know what you think!


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