Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review!

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Wolfenstein 2 is an action packed first person shooter! Starting up we take off right where we left off in the first game. Your team trying to rescue a severely injured William “B.J.” Blazkowicz from the events that happened at the end of the first game. In between scenes of your friends doing their best to save B.J. you get some deep back story into our hero’s past. From the get go Wolfenstein does a great job making you care for the characters especially our main hero.

wolfenstein 2 pc review

For me that’s where this story shines! The Story of BJ his friends and upcoming family, the struggle they have of trying to rid the Nazi menace from America and the rest of the world! I was immediately drawn in with BJ’s flash backs, and from there on the actual game story takes over. Twists and turns left and right, when you take on missions you wanna get out there and kick ass. Wolfenstein does not disappoint in story in fact it might be my favorite story I have played through this year! A quick thing I want to add I have never played a game that made me genuinely hate a character, and this one did that! When I finally finished off certain characters in this game I felt like I did my job. Again this story is great and what makes every Wolfenstein great is the gameplay and run and gun style and what is Wolfenstein without gore!


Going back to its first ever release the franchise has been known for its bloody design,  and this game has plenty! From dismemberment to actually eviscerating enemies it has a lot of crazy gross ways to fight and kill enemies. Dual wielding basically any weapon gives you plenty of way’s to plow through any enemy in the game. Double shot guns, rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and small machine guns. I unfortunately never tried the explosive launcher that you get as a dual wielding weapon. You are also at some points given a chance to use laser weapons and, canons the enemy mechs use. Also throughout the game your able to find upgrade parts for your weapons, these allow you to amplify the already deadly damage your dealing.


Gameplay is insane! From mission to mission you are the lone badass that takes on basically the entire Nazi army. From fast paced to stealthy you can play it any way you want. I found out the hard way that I was not using the stealth aspect at all in the right spots. The game makes it very obvious when you should be trying to sneak around, but because of how strong you do feel you tend to run in guns a blazing. Now I say you feel strong because enemies can melt you pretty fast even on easier difficulties. So I would advise to use stealth when you can, to spare health for the later inevitable fights that you will take damage in. In the later half of the campaign you are also given a choice between 3 body upgrades, each that have there own unigue powers to help you annihilate the enemy.  I thought that the gameplay was seemless I hardly ran into any bugs or glitches, and when I did they didn’t ruin my immersion.


Again I can’t stress enough that I loved this game. I streamed this in its entirity in one sitting! I was so addicted to it I wanted to know the outcome I wanted to upgrade my guns and decimate the Nazi’s as much as I could. My stream lasted roughly 10 hours, but that did not include any side missions or anything like that! So if you want to sit and play through every possible mission you’re looking at I would say around 13-15 hours! There is so much in this one. At a time where there has not been many linear story based games this one makes me miss the days where we had all sorts of games to play by ourself at our own pace.


I cannot recommend this game more! In every area the game exceeded my expectations. It’s not just an on rail shooter its much more. Sticking to the original idea of Wolfenstein a sickening world run by Nazi’s that your fighting to free! It was amazing and at the end of the story I felt like I was on the path to doing so! If you were thinking of playing through this definitely pick it up! It’s a great buy and I will be playing through this one again!

Have you  thought about picking up Wolfenstein or have you finished it? Please let us know in the comments! Thanks again for reading guys and we’ll see you next time!

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