Curse of Osiris Release Date Announced!

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Bungie has revealed the date for their first expansion for Destiny 2 named Curse of Osiris. Launching December 5th this expansion promises another great adventure into the Destiny universe. A trailer was released today where you can find on the Playstation YouTube page.


The trailer centers around the warlock vanguard Ikora Rey, she tells you of another great enemy that you must defeat. The main enemy in this update looks to be the Vex an alien race we have fought and defeated before, but in the middle of our battle with the Red Legion the Vex have managed to gain some sort of strength we will undoubtedly learn about. While we must defeat this menace we need some help, and it looks like we will be finding that help from Osiris! “The most notorious guardian in vanguard history.” We will use his help to avert a dark future.


The trailer shows different types of Vex that we haven’t seen. Also new armor styles and a new ghost shell could be on the market, judging by Osiris himself. Also there is small hints of a possible new raid incoming!  The trailer is action packed and builds you up to fight on against another Vex onslaught! What affects will this have on the current Destiny 2? What exactly will Bungie be adding? We will know shortly as the drop is only a little over a month away!


The trailer looks amazing and that cannot be taken away from it, but some gamers that feel that they have been burned again by Bungie might be having second thoughts. Whilst this trailer and announcement have me ready to go, others might find that this expansion hiding behind a pay wall may not be good enough to drop more money on. We will have to wait and see!

Are you excited for this update for Destiny 2? Or are you not looking forward to another paid expansion for Destiny? Let us know what you think!


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