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Yesterday’s episode continues from the revival of Kuasa, she starts by tracking down a fugitive named Zari. In the attempt to track and kill Zari she is unsuccessful at catching the fugitive, meanwhile the Time Bureau Agent Gary sends out a distress call on the anachronism.

With that call sent, the Legends decide to unofficially take the distress call and act on saving Zari. With the Legends entering the time zone year 2042, they attempt to help Zari only to get her to refuse any help whatsoever.

Later on they find Zari at a local bar, and they make an agreement to help free her brother from the ARGUS prison. When they arrive at the prison, they come to find out that Zari’ s motives wasn’t to save her brother, but to steal back her brothers amulet. With her amulet, she is able to summon powers and is able to escape the ARGUS facility very easily.

Meanwhile Amaya is having difficulties in keeping her totem in check. She agrees to drink a hallucinogen that was made by Gideon and Nate to go on a vision quest to figure out what is making her out of control with her totem.

During this vision quest, she meets with an old ancestor and learns that she doesn’t have to control the totem but she needs to learn how to run along side the powers with in it. 

Later Ray Palmer finds Zari in a broken down village and sees that Zari is crushed that her people weren’t there to meet up with her. We also find out that the amulet she stole from ARGUS was her brother’s who was killed off by ARGUS. She wanted the amulet to summon the powers from it to avenge her family. 

While she is at lost with her emotions, Kuasu arrives at the scene to take the amulet from Zari. At that time the Legends arrive to protect Zari from Kuasu.

Amaya then in control again, she easily beats Kuasu, but before they could do anything Kuasu says ” I could easily kill you, but I would only be killing myself.” Amaya looking puzzled by that, Kuasu brings out her totem and vanishes.

After they save Zari they return back to 2042 to restore time. But Amaya invites Zari to be part of the Legends telling her that her amulet is a totem and that the totem somehow connects them.

With Zari agreeing to follow along side the Legends, she will be a new addition to the team! Now I wonder how this will all play out. And if we follow the comics, with Kuasu saying what she said to Amaya, Kuasu is Amaya’s other daughter from the future. I would really want to know how the show will pan out, and if they will kill Kuasu off or somehow make her a good character.

We are definetly left with a huge cliffhanger, as we see little Ray Palmer running away from a few bullies in Ivy Town 1988. While he is hiding from the bullies in a tunnel we see that he is not alone and that some strange scary beast is hiding with him! Will this be another anachronism they will need to fix? Will Ray Palmer be killed off and they need to find out how to bring him back? Please let me know your theories!! 


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